Justin and I watched the Biggest Loser finale last night and every time it amazes me. I was rooting for Michael so I am glad he took the top prize. But seriously people - look at his before and after pictures:

Pretty incredible! He was the biggest contestant on the show and now holds a record for the only person to lose 200 pounds on the ranch. High five Michael!

  And now tonight I am excited for this to start:

LOVE it!
And now can I just say I really dislike hate spring colds. Boo urns. I am pretty sure I had the worst ever sleep last night e-v-e-r. I had a pounding headache/I thought Justin may have been stepping on my face, my nose was beyond stuffed up, my back was aching and I had a stomach cramps - oh and I could not sleep. I may or may not have looked and felt something like this:

Maybe exactly. :(
But then this morning I got to work (very sleepy and grumpy) and one of my students noticed I got my hair colored last night and said "Wow Mrs. Black I like your new hair, you look like a movie star".
That brightened my mood a little but not the stuffiness of my nose or the pounding of my head.
Anyways sending lots of love out to the grandparents today!

Gran - I hope you had a great trip to Las Vegas and you found some fabulous new shoes! I can see you in these:
See you in 39 days Gran!
Grampa & Chris - Safe travels on the end of your road trip! Enjoy and I know you are riding in style!
See you both in 41 days!
Grandma Mary - Looking forward to seeing you in 36 days! We need some of your sunshine!
Nana - Sending lots of love, hugs and reminders to

Happy rainy Thursday!

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