A weekend in review...

Happy Monday! This weekend came and went entirely too quickly but it was filled with Cruz time, family, friends, a shopping trip and great weather so I won't complain.

Friday night we went over to Crystal and Troy's for dinner and to bottle our latest wine. We always do a red and a white and each couple chooses labels and toppers - this time (by accident) we chose the exact same labels (with the exception of the name) and exact same toppers (the red one's)! Great minds think alike right! Luckily Troy & Crystal had been given an extra set of toppers and they worked perfectly with the white labels. Our white wine is a Meritage and our red wine is a Malbec. Yum. They look very classy I think!

These are the wines we made before this last set but we didn't get the pictures on the blog so I thought I would share them too. The white is a Sauvignon Blanc and the red is an Australian Shiraz. We plan on doing 2 fruity summer wines next!

Satruday we visited our friend Starbucks (Thank you Debbie for all our gift cards - Justin has a hidden stash somewhere too!) and then took Cruz to a new off-leash park. She loved it, there were tons of dogs for her to meet and lots of space to chase her ball. Dustin and Whitney gave us a ball launcher (similar to the one in this picture) so I am excited to try it out today at the park. Cruz will be SO impressed when I throw further than a couple feet now!

Then Justin and I went over to Cross Iron Mills mall for while, I sat out front in the sun with Cruz and finished "The Kite Runner". If you haven't read this, read it. It was an incredibly moving book and it kept me up far too late some nights as I couldn't put it down.

Then we went to Blake and Karen's for dinner with Dustin and Whitney and all our dogs. We always have a great time with these two couples. Blake made a delicious prime rib roast with asparagus, I made a rice dish and Whit made a yummy salad. I was out voted 5-1 and we played poker, pretty sure I won though. Maybe not. Then we played Apples to Apples, such a good game and SO funny. All in all - we had a great dinner, a couple drinks and many laughs. (This picture was from our lake weekend, not Saturday night)

Sunday I had Lily. We went swimming at Cardel Place (until the power went out), walked Cruz (her favorite thing to do) and played at the park. Cruz was so good on our walk that Lily was able to hold the leash all by herself. Justin watched the hockey game and at Lily's request came for the car ride home. After a delicious BBQ dinner, Justin and Debbie worked on and finished her recital music - yeah!
And most importantly (in my mind at least!) I FINISHED MY LAST INSANITY WORKOUT!!!! Whoop whoop (insert fist pumps here)! This is the Insanity calendar and it has been living on our fridge for the last 9 weeks and it is finally complete! I think I may frame it! :)

Oh yeah and here's an "after" picture I snapped of myself on Sunday. Kenny Chesney came over to congratulate me, no biggie. I wish. Oh Marisa Miller, you show off.

Anyways, I spent some time on Saturday and created my own calendar for the next 2 months. I am going to do a mixture of P90X, Insanity, runs with Cruzie and Raise the Bar classes. I am pretty excited about it! I was going to wait and do the entire Insanity program again in September (which I still will do) but I really am addicted to the workouts right now so I have adapted the program so it works around the other workouts I want to do too. Plus I think I would miss Shaun T yelling at me to "Dig Deeper!!!" Shout out to Justin who has been working out faithfully everyday in the basement too! xo

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