Shout out to the Mothers!

Happy Mother's Day weekend Mom and Debbie!

I am a lucky girl this year as I have 2 special ladies to recognize.

My Mom.

It is hard to put her amazingness into words. She is everything that I can only hope to one day be. She always has baked goods, a clean house and an amazing meal planned. She is the best person for her job and is active on a daily basis - hello she just ran a half marathon with Dad! She also takes Cruz twice a week and we are so thankful for that and all she does for the whole family! She has been and continues to be an incredible mother and friend to me. I can always go to her with a problem or for advice. I love you so much!

She is simply put, AMAZING! (And will really love me for putting this picture on here!)


In the past couple of years, I have been so fortunate to experience growth in my family with the addition of Justin's family. I feel really lucky to have an extended family that is so awesome. They have embraced me with open arms and really love me for me. Debbie is incredibly thoughtful, loving, and more welcoming than I ever could have dreamed of. She would do anything for her family at the drop of a dime, works extra hard at her job and makes the best signature dinner! Besides she raised a great son that I love to pieces and I am forever indebted to her for that. I love you!

She is simply put, AMAZING! (She also will love me for putting this picture on here!)

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Mothers and soon to be Mothers out there including Gran, Nana, Chris, Logan, Crystal, Aunty Cathy... You are all loved! xoxo

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