A lover-ly weekend!

I feel like we have been spoiled with good weekends lately! So lucky!

This weekend I did a lot of thinking of my brother - how grown up and handsome he must have looked walking across the stage getting his degree, how much fun he had bar hopping with the fam at the regular spots in Geneseo, how un-fun it would have been packing his life up on Sunday and how bitter sweet and sad it would be for him saying good bye to his fabulous college town after 4 years of memory making fun. What a weekend I am sure it was for him. I am so looking forward to seeing him on Thursday and giving him a huge-mungous hug. I hope him and Dad have a great few days catching ball games before heading home (have I mentioned I am excited to have him home!!!)

The majority of the weekend was spent celebrating Justin's birthday! This is what he did as soon as he got home from work on Friday. Tired Birthday boy! (Bailey and Ripken were with us this weekend as the rest of the family was at Grad)

Friday night my high school girlfriends and their significant others all came over for dinner. It was SO nice to have us all together (minus one who was out of town). It doesn't happen nearly enough so it is always such a special time when we can all hangout.

I couldn't ask for better girlfriends and a pretty beautiful bunch of girls I must say!
Barb, Julia, Sara, Krista, Me, Carla & Nicole (missing Linds)

The guys are pretty handsome too!
Dylan, Justin, Colin, Dave, Jordan & Rob

Saturday night we had Blake &Karen, Dustin & Whitney and Crystal & Troy over for dinner. Oh course the camera just sat on the counter all night without snapping any pictures. Urg.
Except this one of Justin's super cool ice cream cake Crystal and Troy ordered for him from DQ. So fun and delicious.

A perfect weekend with all of my bestest friends and incredible weather! Ok and no I don't think I can post without a cute Cruz picture! So here's your weekly dose! Can you imagine when I have kids? Trouble!

Justin snapped this one, she is cuddled up to my towel as I am in the shower.

Now she realizes he is taking her picture and comes in for the kiss!

And here is the cutie Rippers too! Love her as a house guest.

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krink said...

Thanks for having us again! Fun as always! Happy Birthday Justin... you OLD FART!!! Love you!