Happy Birthday Cruz!


"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole".
 ~Roger Caras

Already in love!

 don't know how it happened but our little Cruzie is 1 (tomorrow actually!)
Who knew she would grow up so fast and the year would just fly by. 

Cruz in a nut shell:
She weighs approx. 53 pounds, a smaller lab and we love her size.
Cruz loves her family and friends - dog and human.
She is a sweet, curious and playful puppy who loves to fetch, tug, chase and play.
She chases anything that catches her attenion: bunnies, birds, leaves or plastic bags.
She is a cuddler when sleppy and likes to be close to people when she is napping. 

She loves the blow dryer and every morning when I blow my hair she comes in for her turn.
She loves car rides especially when the windows and sun roof are open.
She also loves to follow/play with bug (ants & spiders). SO funny to watch.
She is a kisser and is known for her "drive by kisses" as Justin calls them.

We all love her to pieces and she is definitely part of the family.
Even Justin's side of the family loves her and they aren't even dog people!

Favorite toys: Globe ball, red light up ball, octopus, tug rope, sticks and her ring. Pretty much anything she can destroy also like kleenex, cheap toys, water bottles, etc.

Favorite dog friends for playtime: Baxter, Murphy, Oscar & Titus.

Favorite dog friends for nose rubs & maybe a little playing: Ripken, Rowdy, Izzy & Bailey.

Her walk time boyfriend: Cyrus.

Favorite places: The lake is by far her fav. She could spend the ENTIRE day in the lake. She also loves off leash areas and cries with excitement when we get close to Grandma & Grandpa's house!

Favorite dog treats: Peanut butter training treats, dried sweet potatoes, milk bones, soup bones & jerky treats.

Favorite people treats (in moderation!): Ice cubes, carrots, cheese, mandarin oranges, licking the empty bowl of ice cream & popcorn.

Happy Birthday little girl! We love you more than two people probably should! XOXO

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Rachel and John said...

So cute! I have a 9 month old puppy and I love him just as much! Cruz is a beautiful girl!

krink said...

I forgot how little she was! My goodness she's grown soooo big in a year! Aunty Crystal and Uncle Troy love you very much Cruzie!!!

J and A said...

I know she was just so tiny and timid! :) So cute! Miss that but love her so much now.

Brittany said...

She is such a pretty dog! This post is too cute :-)