Cruz's birthday and a sick snowy day!

Well the day started at 5:15am when the alarm went off because Justin and Jeff headed out to Jasper for Steve's Stag. I was so thankful I didn't have to get out of bed and even happier when Cruz went back to bed until 8:00am when I got her up!

But then I let Cruz out and saw this:
Really is this necessary? Hello Mother Nature?!? You must have a faulty calendar because it is May 29, not March. I know this is typical for Calgary but come on! Hook a sista up with some sunny weather already!
Us girls went for a nice long walk anyways despite my nose and head verging on exploding and the wet snowy sidewalks. Cruz had a blast though so what can I say, I am happy when that little girl is happy.

After my oil change Cruzie and I had a little birthday shin-dig. Yes - I made her sit with her presents and birthday cookie treat for a picture before indulging! 
(Beware of picture overload on this post - but come on she is just too darn cute AND it's her birthday!)
Sticking her tongue out at me while I am telling her to 'leave it!'
Licking her chops!
0.5 seconds after I said 'OK you can have it'
Devoured the sweet potato and flax cookie.
And on to the toys.
Showing me her new toys.
Then spent the next hour seeing how fast she could destroy them. What a doll.
This is Cruz not letting me rest on the couch. 
Apparently it is mandatory in her world to play 24/7 even when you are sick. Fabulous.
Cruz is saying "seriously woman get off that couch thing and play with me"
Overall we had a pretty lazy afternoon as I was still feeling very under the weather.
 We did make 2 batches of pineapple muffins (one with chocolate chips and one with walnuts) and oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies. 
And she begged me to watch So you think you can dance that I missed, so I caved, it is her birthday and all.
Then this evening we went for another messy walk and play at the park.
Then we watched "Love Happens" with Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart. It was cute, a little cheesy, it's a given though and yeah I cried. Worth the catch. We also had popcorn! :)
Cruzie was finally tired and fell asleep with her toy on her face. Oh my love.
I'll leave you with this song that I listened to maybe 12,895 times today (and probably sneezed that many times too).
It's by Miranda Lambert called The House That Built Me.
I love it.Good nighty night, here's hoping I feel better tomorrow!

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Rachel and John said...

Looks like Cruz had a great birthday!! 2 walks too! Lucky Girl.

krink said...

Happy Birthday Cruz!