Another weekend bites the dust!

We had another great weekend fly by.
Friday night Justin played video games with 2 friends at our place (& looked after the dogs; Mom & Dad were out of town so we had Ripken and loved having her) and I headed back to school for our "Ladies Only Spa Fundraiser" I helped organize. It was a great success for our first shot at it and a fun night by all the staff, parents, family and friends who attended. Who can go wrong with spa services, a candy buffet, a chocolate fountain, wine, shopping and prizes! Thank you to Julia & Barb for joining me and supporting a great school. Below is our fabulous candy buffet! Pink, White and Black was our color scheme!

Saturday morning Justin went out to Canmore with his riding buddies and had a great day biking (only a few crashes he reported)! So I took Cruz and Ripken to the off leash dog park. Who knew what I was in for?! Yes, in the wide open field Cruz found a small body of water that turned out to basically be a mud pit. Only my dog could do this. And do it twice. But she was in heaven. She splashed around, stuck her head under the water mud, lost her ball in it and was practically smiling. I wanted to laugh and cry. She was a complete mess.

This is where she ended up TWICE this weekend. Mud pit adventures = Bath time.

Saturday night we had dinner with Crystal and Troy before us girls headed out to Kristen's birthday celebration. The guys had a fun night ahead of them - more video games. Looking back, this was Justin's ideal weekend! Mountain biking and 2 nights of guilt free video games! Lucky man.

They were also on dog duty. Cruz and Ripken got comfortable in the Flames room.

Here we are ready for the night out (pink was Kristen's theme)! We enjoyed the night more than we thought we would - friends, people watching, hilarious karaoke singers and grumpy, rude servers! Silly me didn't take any pictures there though!

Sunday was filled with dog walks, watching Biggest Loser, oil changes, running with Cruz, cleaning the house, prepping dinner and then enjoying dinner at our place with Debbie, Crystal and Troy for Mother's Day. :)

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krink said...

Arrrg... I just look fat... not even pregnant there! Booo! Although that might have something to do with standing next to you in your tight little pink tanktop! :(