Time with the boys!

Justin and I love hanging out Colton and Keenan and it gives their Mom and Dad a much needed night out! This week Carolin and Kevin checked out "O" restaurant and lounge in Marda Loop, a must try I'm told.
Justin wasn't able to come this week so it was just myself and Cruz.
The boys just recently got a trampoline and it was a beautiful night so needless to say, we spent almost 2 hours jumping! 

Keenan showed me the trampoline rules before we started jumping.
1. No double bouncing.
2. No toys.
3. No flips.
4. No shoes.
5. No smoking.
Got it.
I forgot my camera but pulled out my cell phone and we used the camera on there to snap a few pics. I can't tell you how many times I heard "Alison, look at this" or "Alison, watch me".

The boys loved to try and get 'in air' pictures and were amazed with the straddle jumps I pulled out from my gymnastic days.

I was going to impress them with a back tuck but then remembered rule #3.

Cruz and Murphy ran around the backyard and played the whole time as well!

We finished the night off with drawing monsters, an episode of Garfield, a snack of grapes and black berries and some serious puzzle making. Good Night!

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