Quote of the day

I have one guy in my class that LOVES shoes. Not his own shoes though, mostly mine. Every day I can count on him commenting on my shoes. Yes, that's right a 13 year old boy that loves shoes as much as me.

"Wow, you're wearing your new boots Mrs. Black!"
"Those are some fancy shoes you're wearing today!"
"Oh you're wearing my favorite shoes today, thanks!"
"Oh those are a nice color of shoe Mrs. Black!"
"Are those new shoes Mrs. Black?"

You get the idea. He once told me that I am the only person he knows that wears different shoes everyday. I must say, I was proud! :)

Well, today I was sitting at his desk with him doing math and he looked down at my shoes and said, "Mrs. Black does your husband know you have so many shoes?"

Needless today, it made me laugh and I reassured him that yes, my husband does know I have an obsession with shoes. He just smiled and went back to work. I do love my job.

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