My Mom and Dad ROCK!

This past weekend was a good, yet busy weekend. Saturday morning we did our ritual Starbucks run (Justin always has 1 of 2 things and all I have to ask is "Hot or Cold?" to determine which one) and then took Cruzie to Nose Hill Park for some energy killing fun. Then we were off to help Crystal and Troy knock down their fence. Thank you fence for being so old that you came down so easily. Made our job that much more enjoyable!
Then Saturday night Justin and I went to the Gala for Lily's school. It was phenomenal. The school is privately run for children with autism and has 43 students. The gala had 700 people attend was was
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! It had over 200 Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling, amazing displays of all the silent auction items and mind blowing live auction items! No - were weren't the couple that spent $4,500 on the signed Sidney Crosby Olympics jersey and no Justin wasn't the man that spent $4,500 on the Maserati for the weekend... but we had a good time and racked up the prices on many silent auction items! I would have taken a picture of us there but there was a freak snow storm as we were en-route so needless to say my hair (yes, the hair I spend an hour curling so nicely and putting into a fancy up-do) was flattened. :( I should have taken a picture of Justin though because he looked very handsome in his suit. Darn.
Then on Sunday while I was busy playing this Lily, Mom, Dad & Claire were busy running 13.1 miles. No biggie. YEAH RIGHT! Dad's time was 1:38:11. Claire's was 1:39:09 and Mom's was 1:40:23. Claire came first in their age group (50 - 59) and Mom was third! Dad was 18th out of 180! Wowsers!!! You three are all incredible!


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krink said...

Wow! Congrats to all three of you... Rick, Jayne and Claire! You guys are amazing!
And thank you to both of you guys, Justin and Alison, as taking down the fence wouldn't have gone nearly as fast or been as pain free without you. We really appreciated your help, and will appreciate it more in the coming weekends :D