INSANITY - yes it is...

While Justin and I were stuck in Hamilton for 24 hours we watched the infomercial for a program called INSANITY.
It is from the same company (Beach Body) that put out the P90X program that I completed before our wedding. It looked crazy but I was needing something to motivate me and thought this would be the perfect program. I do really well when I am following a program rather than just doing my own thing at the gym, jumping on the treadmill or working out in our gym we have created in our basement.

On March 1st I started the INSANITY program (without following the nutrition plan or taking the "results and recovery formula"). It is a 60 day program rather than 90 days like P90X and it is all insane cardio, plyometrics and resistance training. The first 4 weeks of workouts were 40 minutes each with the 20 minute "Cardio Abs" added on to a workout once a week. Week 5 to where I am now, starting week 8, all the workouts have been 60 minutes each and very extremely ridiculously tough (with the 30 minute "Insane Abs" added to a workout each week). Urg. Yesterday Justin worked out down stairs at the same time I was doing "Max Cardio Conditioning" and I think he was shocked at some of the crazy moves!

So 6 days a week I have a date with Shaun T and oddly enough I am loving it, look forward to it and am SO glad when the workout is over! One thing Shaun T says yells in one of the workouts (right when I am ready to crash to the floor in the puddle of my own sweat) is: "I'm not here to hurt you, I'm here to make you better" and whenever I think I need a break or want to stop I think of that comment Works for me!
I am dreading/looking forward to the last 2 weeks but already feel so much better than when I did when we were sitting watching the infomercial. Thank you Shaun T, please be nice to me for the next 2 weeks..

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krink said...

It sounds awesome/CRAZY! I want to borrow it once the baby is born! Especially since I have to look good in a dress by New Years!

J and A said...

It is, I love it! Almost done! I am going to start a dif program after that and then do Insanity again starting Sept 1st. I have a plan!