About me!

So, I saw this on a couple of blogs and thought it would be fun. My lunch hour flew by while doing it so it was time well spent!

I Am - compassionate, happy, sensitive, hopeful, a wife, daughter, grand-daughter, sister, sister-in-law, niece, daughter-in-law, friend, and a proud mama to a very cute puppy.
I Have - the best family, friends and dogs in my life.
I Wish - winters didn't last so long, ice cream had no calories, that I could run forever without getting tired, cancer didn't exist and people with disabilities were accepted and understood by everyone.
I Want - kids and to be in love like I am right now for the rest of my life.
I Hate - ignorant people, mustard, being cold, line-ups and hard boiled eggs.
I Search - for great shoes, for the goodness in everyone and for shooting stars (I will eventually see one!)
I Wonder - what my life will be like in 10 years.
I Fear - not being able to have kids of my own and losing my loved ones.
I Regret - nothing. I may not be happy about some things that have occurred in my life but they have only made me stronger and who I am today.
I Am Proud - of my brother. He has an enormous heart, true passion, the best sense of humor and talent from sheer hard work. I miss him.
I Collect - tea pots, baby clothes and shoes.
I Love - hot sunny days at the lake with family, the beach, shoes, Cruz cuddles, holidays, lazy nights on the couch, game nights with friends, popcorn and the last 5 minutes of a hard workout (because you can do anything for 5 minutes!)
I Always - have an opinion, clean my house twice a week and over plan.
I Usually - spill on myself while eating. And my husband sometimes usually always catches me.
I Am Not Always - a girly girl. I love mountain biking, wake-boarding, camping and getting messy.
I Dance - to Taylor Swift in the bathroom when I do my make-up. Love her.
I Sing - loudly in my car and don't care when the person next to me looks at me funny and smirks.
I Rarely - am late. Or really try not to be.
I Never - can thank my parents, brother and family enough for the wonderful home they raised me in, the examples they have set for me, and the wonderful support system they provided and continue to provide me with. I am one lucky gal.
I Cry- at almost everything (thanks Mom). TV shows, movies, when I am really happy, when I miss people, when I left Cruz at the vet for surgery, you know the regular...
I Need - weekends, family time and love.

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