Some pictures I didn't want you to miss!

Cruzie is growing up! She is a very smart girl and catching on to most of the tricks Justin has been trying to teach her. Right now she loves fetching sticks or her ball at the park and will go for hours!
Here she is saying "Just throw the stick already Dad!" We had a great weekend out at the lake with our friends Blake, Karen, Dustin & Whitney and their crew of dogs (Izzy, Oscar & Ty).

Cruz loves cheering for the Ice Knights and Uncle Jeff! She misses him though, come home soon!

Yes we love her. That is why she can do these things and we still let her live with us!
This is what she did when I left a phone book on top of her kennel and left her alone for a couple hours. She had a blast! The second picture is what she did to my Mom's carrot cake! She is a little devil sometimes!

She is a great friend to both Sandra & Lily. Lily who was afraid of dogs just adores Cruz. On Sundays when we hang out, her #1 activity now is taking Cruz for long walks. They both benefit from it!

She has also figured out that the older dogs in the family don't want to play. Rowdy will play with her for a while but then Cruz gets to be too much! So she has learned to hangout with them while they are sleeping!

Here is the cutie at Christmas wearing her "snuggly" from Crystal & Troy! Spoiled girl!

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Justin said...

Well done babe! Looks like you've figured it out!
Looks great! Love ya