Our last trip to Geneseo!

We had a great 4 days in Geneseo. I can't believe Jeff graduates in May! We will miss the Dr. Seuss tree...

Jeff's team had 2 intense games that were SO exciting to watch. They won both games, the crowd was chanting "Jeff MacPhee, Jeff MacPhee..." and he was named fan favorite! What more could we ask for! Very proud sister! :) We had fun catching up with Jeff's biggest fan Ryan too. He is so cute. He also had the chance to skate with Jeff and the Ice Knights after the last game.

Here's the SUPER STAR himself!

The Seniors

Proud parents!

We had a fun time out on the town Saturday night, we hit the regular spots: The Idel hour, Kelly's and the IB. Gran was tropper and joined us for most of the night. One of Jeff's buddies came up to him and said "You have the best Grandmas!" when he saw Gran out with us as Nana has joined us in the past too!

We also went to an 'after hours party", a first for most of us! They had a beer pong tournament going on, Jeff and Dad were on a team and Jolie and I were a team. Jolie and I lost in finals! Needless to say, we all stayed up far too late but had a great time.

The next day, at Mom's request, we planned on going on a hike in Letchworth Park. Sounds simple enough but one entrance was closed and the next one was miles and miles away...we eventually found it and went on the LONG/5 minute hike to the falls!
It was beautiful but we did more driving than walking! Nice face Jeff!

Our last night in Geneseo we went to the Statesmen to watch the Canada/USA hockey game. The outcome was not as we had wished!
After the game they had open mike and it was so cool to see all the hockey players that got up with amazing voices, as well as others, including Joile. She was fabulous! We all had so much fun listening and singing along! Here is Jolie and Milo.

When Justin and I were on our way to Hamilton to head home we had extra time so we stopped at the Wayne Gretzky Winery. It was beautiful and delicious! We decided on 3 bottles to take home and a hat for Dad.

Wayne and Walter signed the logo above the bar.

Oh yeah and we had a glass of wine with Wayne himself, no big deal.
Just kidding, it's just a picture! :)

The roads turned very ugly on our continued journey to Hamilton... and lucky us, we had the honor of spending an all expenses paid night and day in Hamilton thanks to the weather! Wow - what a day. Thank goodness for the Olympics and West Jet's customer service!

All in all it was a great trip. We are so glad Gran could join us and we thanks Jeff for introducing us to this quaint little town that we all loved visiting. We will miss the B & B including Pattie and Don, watching the Knights, Ryan, American shopping and mostly Kelly's! :) BUT we will be glad to have Jeff home after graduation! We miss you the most!

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Pattie said...

Alison and Justin -- Great pictures of Geneseo! We so enjoyed meeting and spending time with all of the MacPhee family and will miss you all. Donald & Pattie & Melissa