Cruz goes Mountain Biking!

Justin has been lucky with the weather the last couple of weeks and has been able to get out to the mountains to go biking. This week none of his riding buddies could make it on Sunday so he decided to go for a trip on his own. He was heading to a trail where you hike your bike up the mountain (approximately 1 hour hike) then ride down (approximately 5 minute ride)!
As he was getting ready to leave yesterday he said "Maybe I'll take Cruz"... I know a lot of the guys take their dogs but I was a little nervous! Not my little Cruzie!!!

But yes she went and was a superstar! Justin was so proud of her. He let her off leash and she climbed up with him and stuck close by. Then on the way down she motored down as fast as she could!

Justin said she had a great time which I am certain she did. She just loves being outside, off leash and running! She was a tired girl when she got home that's for sure!

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Mom said...

Love the newest postings. Well done AJ!!! XOXOOX