Babies joining the family!

I love babies and I am so excited that both Logan (my cousin) and Crystal (Justin's sister) are expecting! I also have a close friend Vicky who is due June 25th and is having a girl.
Logan is due July 15th and just found out yesterday she is having a boy! :) After 2 girls, the whole family is thrilled for a boy! This makes shopping much eaiser for Aunty Alison too, especially since they will now need a wardrobe of bugs, fire trucks and blue!

Crystal is due September 5th. They are not planning on finding out the sex. But aren't these pictures so cute! In this picture Crystal and Troy's baby is only the size of your pinky finger!

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Krink said...

I love babies too! Which is good, considering one of them is mine! But boy was speckle acting up yesterday. And I'm down to only five pounds again! I can't seem to gain any weight... if only that meant my belly wasn't exploding out of my pants! Oy vey! How old is Logan's baby in that pic?

Alison said...

I think he is around 5 months there... not 100% sure though.