Taking Out The Pier

You can always tell when the summer is coming to an end when you have to take out the pier at the lake. This weekend we drove up there knowing ahead that it was going to be one of those working weekends. Now, if you're Alison's dad (Rick), it's always a working weekend. He's got a serious case of "ants in the pants". Not a bad thing, especially when you need to get something done. We arrived Friday evening and after quickly unpacking and mixing a drink, we headed down to the Thomas' place for a bonfire. It was beautiful night with not a cloud in the sky so Mr. T brought out his telescope and we checked out the moon. It was pretty cool! We ended up sitting around the fire till about 12:30am while listening to Stamps vs. Eskimos game on the radio. The Stamps pulled out a major win with under a minute left in the game. Go Stamps!!!

Saturday we woke up to a beautiful morning but it was time to get cracking. Time to take out the pier.



The weather Saturday and Sunday was amazing as it was about 26°C each day. It made it quite refreshing being in the water but at the same time it was a little sad as this truly means that fall is coming. We used the old 1970 Chevy C10 and some utility rope to pull out the boat hoist out of the water and up over the bank. Well Cruz found this rope and decided it looked fun so Rick gave her her own rope.



The rest of the weekend was spent at Aunty Cathy's and Uncle Ken's on Saturday night where we surprised them with a small get-together celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Congratulations!! We had a great steak dinner and then icecream cake for dessert. mmmmm... Sunday was spent cleaning and polishing the Malibu and then we winterized it before parking it in the garage for the winter. Maybe next year I'll do a how-to on winterizing a Malibu boat.

It's pretty neat to see Cruz go into the water on her own as she was more than excited to go to the lake this week.


Doesn't she look sad to see summer go? On the other hand, we're pretty excited for her to see snow for the first time.


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krink said...

Please tell Ken and Kathy Happy be-lated Anniversary from the two of us! 25 is a big one!!!

Tiffany said...

Hi! I just came across your blog and wanted to say hello. Your dog is gorgeous! You took amazing pictures this weekend. Have a great week!