Summer Wine Pt. 2

Last night, we were invited to Justin's sister's and her husband Troy's place for dinner and to finish/ bottle or Summer wine. Yes, we realize summer is almost over but it's really never too late to drink summer wine now is it?

We started off with dinner. Crystal had done a roast and potatoes in the slow cooker, so you could smell the goodness from outside the house!! mmmm.

After dinner we started to filter and bottle the wine. Here's Crystal moving the wine from the primary firmenter to the bottles. She may have got wine all over herself!

Meanwhile, Justin started corking the bottles that were already filled.

After all the bottles are filled and corked it's the girls favorite part, making them look pretty. Alison loves picking out the labels and the toppers. You see, the toppers have to match the labels and look pretty at the same time. Very important!!!


Here's the final product. We ended sampling the left overs that wouldn't fill a full bottle. They are both very good and very fruity! Great summer wine!

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krink said...

We already gave some samples out to Oma and Taya and they love both the red and the white! So yeah! A complete success! Enjoy the wine... and remember don't drink it all in one sitting!!!

Ian & Jess said...

Wow that is pretty cool - I want to make my own wine. Did it takes good?

Mom said...

Love this blog! Great job.