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This past weekend was the Labour day long weekend and Blake and Karen invited the three of us to come visit them at their trailer. A couple years ago, they bought a small piece of land near Moyie Lake and Cranbrook and bought a trailer to park on it. They were just starting the final week of their holidays and graciously asked us to crash it. Friday afternoon, Blake managed to get off work early so we could hit the road. This is what he showed up to our house in.

They just bought a brand new 2009 Dodge Ram Sport 1500 Quad Cab. And yes it does have a Hemi in it. It's a gorgeous truck. Needless to say, Justin was a little jealous all weekend.

We all arrived safe and sound and proceeded to quickly unpack as we were all quite thirsty. While we were unpacking we noticed something had climbed into our bag.

We ended up heading across the way to their friends place, Pam and Ray's. They have an 8 year old black lab named Reno. Ray uses Reno for hunting birds. Reno was honestly one of the best behaved dogs I've ever seen. Pam and Ray were also quite impressed with how good Cruz was. We were able to let her off the leash almost the entire weekend, knowing that she doesn't really wander too far from mom (Alison). It was really cute seeing how Cruz would look at Reno and then copy what he was doing. He seemed to have a great amount of patience with her, as you can see when Cruz snuggled up on his bed the next night.

Saturday night we were all invited over to Pam and Ray's for a deep-fried Turkey meal. If you've never done a deep fried bird, it's a must. The whole thing cooks in about an hour and it's not greasy.  We finished dinner and sat around the fire and then Blake and Justin got distracted by horseshoes. We were playing at night so they set up a large floodlight. Horseshoes is hard enough during the day let alone in the dark where your depth perception is off. Yes that's right, I'm blaming it on being dark out! Great times!

On Sunday, Blake and Justin went golfing with Ray and another fellow named Jack. We were to golf at the Cranbrook Golf and Country Club. Jack was kind enough to expense the round for everyone so the price was right and scenery was beautiful. Even though both Blake and Justin had the worst rounds that have had in probably 3 years, it was still fun and hard to beat the scenery. Sunday night started as we pulled up and saw Alison and Karen sitting around the fire drinking wine while it was starting to rain. The weather was a little on and off as it would rain for about 5 minutes at a time. For dinner Blake bbq'd salmon, calamari and shrimp. Stay tuned for recipes of the amazing salmon sauce he made and the greatest shrimp marinade. Thanks for the great meal guys!  The evening was spent just sitting around the fire until the rain drove indoors. 

We woke up on Monday to a cool morning of about 5°C so decided to pack up and make the trip home.  All in all, it was a great weekend. Thanks for the invite guys!

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krink said...

Nice Pics! I especially love the one of Izzy in your bag! Funny puppies.