Camping - Boulton Creek

Every year, we try to go camping. Alison says she never really went camping with her family so this is something that she has been introduced to and let me tell you, she's a trooper! Justin has been going camping since the age of 6 and by camping, it usually means backpacking in for about 3 hours and then staying for a few days. Let's get this out there, "Camping" does not include an RV in it. Camping must be done in a tent! We knew this summer was going to be ridiculously busy with the wedding and all so we made sure to plan ahead. We had booked this weekend back in about April. Usually when we go camping we go to Wyparous near Calgary. It's a large piece of crown land that is usually over run with 4X4s and dirt bikes. There are no amenities and no cell coverage. It is in the boonies! This year Justin's sister (Crystal) and her husband (Troy) said they wanted to go to a campground they had been to before. It was called Boulton Creek. It's located in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park within the Kananaskis. As we were driving there, Justin quickly noticed something and had to turn back. It was a moose. Alison had never seen a wild moose so it was pretty neat.

The mother moose in the meadow (bottom right corner)

Then as we driving away, we noticed the baby moose coming up towards the road. Super cool!

We got there on Friday night and set up the tents. The campground was quite busy and we had share a site. Not a big deal as we probably would have done this anyways. It was a very clean campground which made up for the initial shock of the cost to stay there. We learned that you were charged $20 per tent (not per site) and that bundles of wood were $7 each or you saved $1 if you bought 3(bundles). It was nice that there were some facilities (washrooms) that were really quite clean and some showers that did cost extra.

This was Cruz's first time camping and we weren't bringing the kennel for her to sleep in so she would have the luxury of sleeping with us (mom and dad). We were a little worried because she still gets up at 5:30am everyday, wanting her breakfast. She was great! We actually got to sleep in. One morning we actually slept till 9:30. Can you believe it? She loved sleeping with us, although she did hog the pillow!


Last year we bought a cast-iron sandwich maker which you throw in the fire. This is a must as Troy and Justin love cheese buns with peanut butter and jelly. As we were relaxing around the fire, the boys got a little hungry, here's how they turned out!

Here's Troy's!

Here's Justin's! (Score - 1 to 0)

Justin's family never had any pets growing up so it's pretty neat to see how they interact with Cruz. Our soon-to-be 60 pound lab is turning into a lap dog!

I think aunty Crystal wants a puppy!

On the Saturday Crystal and Troy decided to show us around the area. We went to check the two lakes near by. This was Lower Lake:


And then we went to Upper Lake (I know, real creative on the names!). We decided to take a short hike to a water fall that fed the lake. It was about a 30 minute hike and very flat so it was extremely busy. But we were rewarded with this great view!




We were extremely lucky with weather as it was about 26° C and that meant Troy was going swimming. This guy will swim in almost any weather. You have to remember that this lake was glacier fed.


Over all it was a great weekend and we all had a blast (Cruz included). Till next time campers! Thanks for the recommendation guys!



Note to self: Bring your own fire wood and save $40!

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krink said...

Agreed. Bring own wood... check! I just love the picture of Cruz in your arms Justin. Her face is all smushed and she looks soooo cute! What a sleepy puppy!

Mom said...

Very cool blog for sure. Once again Justin (and Alison as the editor)you have created a masterpiece. Keep up the good work. Need to see Whitney's photos of you guys jumping....when you get a chance:)

Ian & Jess said...

oh my gosh - that pup is too cute!