Summer Wine

Our friends Blake and Karen bought us a wine making kit for Christmas one year. It was a nice gesture although I truely beleive it was so that we would stop bugging them and we would have to do it on our own. Just kidding! So when Justin's sister, Crystal and her husband, Troy bought a house we decided to learn how to make wine together. This works out great because we can buy one kit (typically a red wine) and they usually get the opposite (white wine). Each kit usually makes about 30 bottles. We then split the two kits after they are bottled.

Last night we went over to their place for some burgers and to start our new kits. It was fun, we picked up Justin's mom, Debbie and took little Cruz. It was cool to take Cruz because Crystal and Troy haven't seen her since we first got her. She honestly has doubled in size in the 1 month we've had her.

With it being summer, we decided to do a nice fruity summer wine kit before we start our winter batches.

Crystal and Troy picked out this kit.
Banana Pineapple Viognier
A mouth watering blend, the fragrant Viognier combines with the tropical flavours of banana and pineapple to create a perfect patio thirst-quencher. The acidity of the pineapple, the butteryness of the banana and the aromatic Viognier form a well balanced and refreshing drink.

Alison and Justin picked out this kit.
Pink Grapefruit White Shiraz
Vibrant and refreshing, this summer favourite offers tart and energizing citrus tones that balance out the sweetness. Enjoyed best on the rocks or chilled well, this blush wine feels at home anywhere from a picnic basket to a tall glass by the lounge chair on a hot summer day.

With these kits being alot sweeter than a typical wine, these should only take about 30 days! I'll keep you posted as to how they turn out!

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krink said...

It smells sooooo good! Can't wait for next week, and step #2!!!