Our Little Cruz

As Rick mentioned/ spilled the beans (not that it was a secret) about at the wedding. We got a puppy. Her name is Cruz (aka: Cruzie, Cruzer). She is a yellow labrador retriever. One of 8 puppies from two black labs (Tucker and Xena). Yes I did say "two black" labs. The litter included three black, three yellow and two brown labs. Aren't they cute?

Alison found them on Kijiji (a free online classifides). They were from a farm in Stettler Alberta. Alison and I drove up on the Canada Day holiday to visit her before we went on our honeymoon. She was only about a month old.

The day after we got back from our trip to the Mayan Riviera, we both just had to make the 2 hour, 45 min drive (each way) to go get her.

Sleeping. Not alot of it has been accomplished since we got her. (Everyone tells us that this is prepping us for when we have children) Cruz currently as I write this is now is a little over 10 weeks old (Still a baby). We are trying to kennel train her at night and while we are working. This is hopefully just a temporary thing but it helps while she is just a puppy. By putting her in a kennel at night, it teaches her to hold it when she needs to go pee/poop. But because she is so young, she can't hold it for very long so that requires us to get up and let her out to do her business. Typically dogs can only hold it for as many hours as months they are old, plus one. She is pretty good at crying when she wakes up and needs to go. The first couple weeks she needed to be let out 3 times per night, but slowly we have made it to almost 5 hours before needing to be let out. We still have the problem that she is still used to the farm and being fed at 4:30am. This is something we are trying to break. Although I said it requires "us" to get up, it has quickly turned into, it requires Alison to get up. I have somehow managed to tune out Cruz and her crying most nights. Thanks AJ! I do appreciate it!

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