Hiking in Kananaskis

This past weekend, we decided to give Alison's parents (Rick and Jayne) a deserved weekend alone. I don't even know when the last time they were at the cabin without having to entertain someone. It was also kinda nice to just stay home for a weekend and just relax. It gave us some time to actually get some things done around the house. Saturday we did some quick running around and then spent the rest of the day hanging out at home.

One thing that we really love is to spend time in the mountains. They are so close to Calgary and yet so many people don't take advantage of them. When ever we use go out to enjoy them, we definitly realize how privledged we are. So we decided to take Cruz on her first hike.

We decided on a fairly easy trail to start. Fully knowing that she (Cruz) would not make it the whole way. Back when Justin was six, his uncle Keith would take him backpacking/camping every summer. The first time they went, they went to Lillian Lake via Galatea Creek trail. Located in the Kananaskis off Highway 40, the parking lot is only about 50mins from our house. The trail is quite gradual and it's about 6.3 kms from the parking lot to the lake. The highway and the trail was extremely busy and as frustrating as it is getting stuck behind someone in the fastlane going 90 when they should be atleast going 110 (posted speed), it was nice to see so many people taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

We hiked for about an hour (about 3kms) and decided to stop and eat lunch. Here's some pics.

On our way back down, we noticed this cool looking tree.

One of the nice things about this trail was that it crosses the creek multiple times with nice hand crafted bridges.

It was a great afternoon that just had to be capped off with a little trip into Cochrane for some icecream. Our little girl (Cruz) was pretty tuckered out and slept the whole way home and most of the afternoon.

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krink said...

Nice weekend for hiking. Although Cruz looks a little tired and apprehensive in those photos. I guess she's not used to climbing mountains!