Cruz Likes The Lake

It was Regatta time again at Seba and that meant we were on holidays again. Yes I know, we did just get back from a 2-week holiday. But this is our annual holiday and we had a new addition to share it with. The lake was a great place to take Cruz since we spend almost all our time outside it would surely help potty train her. We did have a couple mistakes (sorry Rick and Jayne) but she did do pretty well. The first weekend we had our friends Blake/Karen and Dustin/Whitney join us. Blake and Karen brought their two dogs Izzy and Oscar. Oscar being the social one of the two loved to play with Cruz.

Next time Dustin and Whitney have to bring their dog Titus. We missed this cute guy!

On the Sunday afternoon we went out in the boat for a float and to take some pictures. These turned out great! Here are some of the better shots! Thanks for taking these Whitney!

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