The Return

So Alison and I just got back from our honeymoon on Saturday afternoon. Don't worry we'll do a post about it soon. In short, I was amazing!
We have so much to catch up on so we'll try and do that relatively soon so we still remember things and you stay interested.
First off, the wedding was amazing. We both feel like it was perfect in every way and neither of us would change a single thing about it. We do feel bad that we both ran away after the ceremony and jumped right in the limo but that was because we had a lot of places to be and a lot of things we wanted to accomplish before the reception. We promise you that it was worth it because the pictures turned out unreal. Thanks to Justin Ruppe and Chris Dowsett for taking the pictures.
After we jumped in the limo, it was time to crack open the champagne!! Blake managed to fire the cork out the sunroof! Sorry mom (Debbie) who was following the limo!
We headed to Riley Park which is just down the hill from SAIT. They have beautiful gardens and paths on the slopes of the hill. This is where we invited all our family to meet us for the family photos.

The parents then had some things to do before the reception and wanted to get there early so we let them take off after the Riley Park session was done. The wedding party (and significant others) headed down to the popular wedding photo location about 3 blocks north of the Saddledome. It looks likes stone ruins but we think they're fake. When we arrived, there were 2 other weddings there and we were a little nervous that this wasn't going to work. There was this great stone wall with a beautiful large arched window. Jeff came up with the great idea to lift Alison into the window. That was the difference between our great shots and someone else's typical shots at this unique location. Thanks goes to the whole wedding party for being willing to climb all over the walls and even get a little dirty. We had a blast taking all these. Thankfully it didn't seem to drag on too bad and before we knew it we were heading to Italian Club for the reception and to do a little partying! The story with the limo is that originally Justin wanted to rent 2 Hummer H2s and have the boys take one and the girls take another. That idea was quickly shot down when we inquired on the price. So we hired a Hummer H2 limo. This way we had a driver, everyone could have a drink, everyone was together instead of in separate vehicles and it was cheaper than renting two hummers. It was a good compromise!

The meal was catered by Roma and it was amazing. That was followed with speaches and then the dance. All seemed to play out perfect, greatly due to our MC, Gino Barberio. Thanks Gino! Here's a few shots from reception.

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