Honeymoon Pt 3

Ok I have to finish this up. These post are rediculously long and I think some people might be intimidated by the length of some of these. In case you missed it you can read part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE.

The day after our final excursion, we met up with Justin's sister (Crystal), her husband (Troy) and his sister (Taya). They were lucky enough to have been given a week in Playa del Carmen at Troy's dad's condo. Coincidentaly they just happened to be there at the same time as us. We decided to met up with them in the early morning at the bus depot. This was just a common spot that we all knew. We met up and then went to drop our stuff off at their condo. The condo was beautiful. It was only a block off 5th ave which is they're tourist/ trendy strip. The condo was all hardwood and even had a roof top patio with jacuzzi tub and outdoor shower, all overlooking the beach! From there we decided to go check out the local beach. It was a beautiful beach! Let's just say the "scenery" was great!

Without paying to rent an umbrella it was impossible to find any shade so we didn't last too long there as it was about 38°C. The plan was that we would take them to Senior Frogs for dinner and then we would all go to Coco Bongos that night.

Dinner was great once again but Justin still wasn't feeling great from the meal on the excursion the day before so unfortunately we didn't make it out to Coco Bongos. We ended up having a drink at the sports bar downstairs from the condo and then just playing some good ol' UNO. Sorry, guys! Next time!

On the Thursday, the three of them decided to join us at our resort. They each bought a day pass. That gave them access to everything at our resort. None of them had ever been to an all-inclusive resort so it was a new experience for them. We managed to get breakfast, lunch and dinner in before their day passes expired. They also got drinks all day, so we introduced them to our swim-up-bar and bartender Abraham.

By this time of the trip we each were starting to get some pretty nice sunglass tans so Justin would occasionally take his sunglasses off and rest them on the bar. Abraham would then steal them and where them. It was really quite funny cause he liked them and then proceeded to offer Justin 20 pecos (approx 2$ CAN) for them. The day that we were in Playa, we found a pair of exact replica fake Oakleys so we had to buy them. The next day, Justin wore them to the swim-up-bar. When it was time to leave he reached over, gave Abraham a tip and then took the sunglasses off and put them on the tip. He was pretty excited and then took off his necklace and gave Justin a real siver Nike ring. It will never fit (because it's way too big) but it was a very nice gesture and a neat experience.

With our vacation package we each got a full massage for each week and so we thought that would be a nice way to relax on the final day. It was our first couples massage and only Justin's second ever massage (the first being the week before). It was unreal! He's hooked. That night, we went to our favorite "a la carte" restaurant, Mama Mia. It was the Italian one and it was great!

That was the end of our Honeymoon. It was so nice and we would definitly recommend it to anyone! We had beautiful weather in a beautiful country!

Back to reality!

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