Honeymoon Pt 2

If you missed part one, you can catch it HERE.
Pretty much every day, after we had had our afternoon nap under our private cabana, we would head to this one pool at around 4 o'clock. This was because it had a swim-up-bar. Yes, we were in paradise. The pool was quite refreshing and so were the drinks. Justin was quite happy when he noticed the bottle of Captain Morgan's. Alison usually mixed it up amongst various blended slushy drinks. This is where we met various friends. Our first day at the resort we met David and Melanie. They are from Swansea in the U.K. David is a police officer and Melanie is an Operating Room or "Theater" (as she would call it) nurse. They had already been there for one week so they gave us pointers on which a la carte restaurants to go to. With the final day of their vacation coming, they invited us to join them for dinner in Playa del Carmen. We were honored and decided it would be fun. Once we were in Playa, we stopped by a few pubs/bars on the way to dinner. This was the first stop. We sat at the bar because there was swings! As you can see in the background, there's a ton of 1$ bills taped to the roof and columns with everyone's signature on them. Pretty neat place!

We eventually made our way to Senior Frogs where we were going to have dinner. We walked in and before Alison could sit down or order a drink, she had been dragged up on stage, thrown into a Congo line and had done a shot of tequila. This was all before she had sat down. It was not going to be a quite/romantic dinner. She then proceeded to order a yard glass of something fruity. It was a great time. The music was loud, the food was great and the company was fun! It was an expensive night but so much fun!

If you know anything about Justin, you can guess how many drinks he's had. He was actually dancing on his chair at one point!

Our next excursion came on the following Monday. Our tour guide picked us up at the hotel at 7am and we then went speeding through Playa. I say speeding, because we were actually pulled over by the cops. They told our guide that he had an automatic court appearance since he was going 40km over the limit and he didn't stop for the STOP sign. Supposedly, they would have arrested him but they saw that he had a van full of tourists. You would think that this would slow him down but you would be wrong. We continued to speed our way through the jungle for an hour and a half. We were both so tired and would have liked to sleep a bit on the ride there but neither of us was about to close our eyes. We came upon a small Mayan community in the middle of nowhere. This is where we would start the day. We got to canoe in this beautiful fresh water lake. Because we had canoed once before, we were now pros. (Thanks Thomas').

We then hiked about 20 mins into the jungle till we got to another lake. This time we got to zip line across is. This is what they call the Mayan brake.

It was the first time either of us had ever had the chance to zip line. It was short but fun!

This is what was waiting for you if you fell into the lake.

After that we got to hike another half-hour into jungle to where we came across a cenote. A "cenote" is an underground cave full of fresh water. We had one of the Mayan elders perform a religious ceremony asking for protection as we were about to enter the underworld. It was pretty cool. Our guide then asked me if I had ever repelled. I said I had but mentioned that Alison had not. He said not to worry, and that we would show the group how. Alison did an unreal job (I was very proud of her) as we repelled down 18 metres into the cave. The water was extremely cold as it never sees sunlight. There were some locals swimming in the cave who would put an inner-tube under you as reached the water. It was a very cool experience, even the bats.

How do you get out? Well there was 2 big guys at the top who would pull out the girls (the Mayan elevator). There were even some grown men who needed to be pulled out. But for those who didn't want to be pulled out, you could climb the 18m rope ladder. Alison was the only woman to do it. The locals were very impressed.

From there we went for a lunch that the local woman had cooked for us. This was an authentic Mayan meal. All of it was spiced and seasoned with berries and seeds. Unfortunately Justin thinks this is what made him sick for the rest of the trip.
Anyways, from there we headed to Coba. They dropped us off in the parking lot where we rented bicycles and biked through the jungle to the ancient ruins. They believe they are dated 300 AD. Eventually we came across the biggest pyramid. 129 feet tall with 128 steps. We climbed up it and it was breathtaking.

Getting down was a little more tricky!

That was the end of excursion. Stay tuned for Pt. 3 of our honeymoon.

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