Happy Tuesday! It seems like last Monday was a long time ago, we've been busy! Rewinding back....I took Monday off because I knew coming home from Vegas and having my long week would kill me with having no time with the kids. Delainey still had preschool but it gave us time to hangout in the morning and all afternoon - much needed. When I picked her up from preschool we headed south because I HAD to get some puppy snuggles from this sweet face. Dust & Whit added this little beauty to their family the day we left for Vegas and I didn't want to miss Willa's puppy breath! She is beyond adorable!

We had lunch and the kids did crafts and played while Whit and I visited and snuggled/played with Willa {and of course some Huck slobbery cuddles too}.

Ryder and Willa are best buds.

That night I snuck out for dinner with some of the Blog Squad ladies to say goodbye to Leslie who is moving to Texas! :(

My parents gave the kids these new mitts for Valentine's Day and they are awesome {they are super long with elastic in 2 places and can be worn under or over the coat}! So we had to try them out on our walk and then make a snow family {who melted the next day}.

 The kids had a cupcake after dinner for Valentine's. Clearly Ryder enjoyed his.

We had some incredible weather days and this kid LOVES stomping in puddles. Our walks took forever but they were so happy. Delainey is so cute always cheering Ryder on.

Thursday morning Delainey started back at gymnastics. Poor Ry is 2 months too young to do the parented class with me just yet and it pretty much broke his heart that D ran off to her class and he had to head upstairs with me. Thankfully his sadness was short lived and he enjoyed watching Delainey.
She did so well following directions and staying on task, I was super impressed. The best part was at the end of class when she realized her coaches weren't giving out stamps so she went and plopped herself on to another coaches lap who WAS giving out stamps!

After class we got our workout in doing the stairs over and over!

That afternoon was incredible! So we enjoyed an extra long walk. Ryder does so well on our walks, he walks the whole time.

 Kids shirts c/o small + mighty, leggings c/o Simply Love

 new sparkle clip c/o The Baby Niche

Thursday night my parents and Jeff & Jolie came to my Surfset class! It was so awesome {& nerve wracking} having them all there but I so appreciate them coming and seeing why I love it so much.

Friday morning D didn't have preschool as it was Teachers Convention so we met up with Brie, Sully & Emmy for some play time at Flip Factory. Ryder was in heaven and didn't stop running and trying to keep up with Delainey who was just fluttering off doing her own thing.

She was SO excited to see Sully and meet up with him and then hardly said a word to him or stuck with him to play! Toddlers.

It was pretty darn busy and I felt like I needed an extra set of eyes and arms but everyone had fun and it was nice to chat with Brie as much as we could while running after children!
Another beautiful afternoon walk. Delainey "walked her dog" for most of the walk until Ryder had enough, ;)

I love that Ryder wants to hold hands for walks now {after about 5 minutes of running}. 

That night we went to Jeff and Jolie's for a delicious dinner {steak & crab! yum} to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday. It seems like a long time since we had a family dinner so it was great to be together.
Ryder eyeing at cake! ha

Saturday we took a trip to the mall as we needed to look for a few gifts. We had no luck other than for Justin. We popped into Banana Republic as it was 50% off the entire store and he has been looking for a plain black dress shirt. Well he also found nice pair of dress pants, a black dress shirt AND a wool pea coat all for $100. The jacket was originally $240 and marked down to $60 and 50% off plus I had a 15% off coupon in an email. Start the car!!! ha 

^ Bike tees c/o Primary Palette

Sunday morning skittle fun! And Ryder did not think this was fun. He just wanted to eat the skittles, not watch the damn rainbow. :)

We got the kids down for an early nap as we had a birthday party that afternoon for Audrey & Leo.The theme was Unicorns and Dinos so I was pretty excited their tops from Portage and Main were perfect!

The kids had a great time - crafts, treats, snacks and friends! They also had a mini broom that Ryder thought was the best thing ever. Nicole threw a great party as always.

On our way home from the party we picked Lily up for a sleepover. Delainey & Lil had fun dressing up & coloring together.

We had a  had a low key family day as it was pretty chilly and couldn't make a decision on what to do plus Lily and Delainey just wanted to "chill". So after Lily left and the kids napped we headed out to grab a few groceries and for Froyo. Always a good idea. 

Scarves c/o Acorn & Leaf

It was nice to be home and have lots of family time this weekend, plus I only work 1 day this week!
I will start by saying that we are very lucky to have been able to get away together for this little vacation and extra thankful my parents were more than happy to have the kids. I didn't worry about them at all and Delainey was BEYOND excited to go to Ma & Pa's for 4 sleepovers!
I was telling her the day we were dropping them off that she needed to be helpful, leave her whiny voice at home, stay in bed until Momo woke, yada yada and she finally said "I know Mommy, it's no problem, Ma and Pa's house is a piece of cake!" We of course missed them like crazy but knew they were having a ton of fun. Plus I said to Justin that I think because we were in Vegas I never wished the kids were with us {we'd never take kids to Vegas} but if we went on a beach vacation I am sure after a couple days we would wish they were with us for sure. 

Anyways, we left them with 4 little gifts to open each day that had activities for them to do and a couple treats.

We also made cupcakes for them to bring over for Pa's {belated} birthday.

We dropped them off Wednesday night as we had to be at the airport bright and early Thursday morning. Once arriving in Vegas we dropped our bags off at the hotel and grabbed a bite to eat and drink before wandering around and then grabbing a taxi to TARGET!
We grabbed some snacks, easy breakfast items and drinks for our hotel room and a couple Peppa Pig toys for the kids and that's it. I was actually pretty disappointed with this Target visit. So sad, but that's fine, it's not like we needed anything! I just miss Target.

The photo doesn't do them justice but these stairs were so pretty!

We checked into our room at The Aria {which beautiful and was a very "smart" room - everything was controlled by an iPad - TV, temperature, lights, blinds... Justin was in heaven}. When our bags were delivered we found out OUR pool was one of the only ones open yet. This made my day seeing at it was beautiful and sunny out!
We ended up just doing some walking around and got tickets to Terry Fator at The Mirage for that night as per my parents recommendation. We had dinner at Portofino in The Mirage before the show and it was an incredible meal. 

The show was super funny and the way he can sing so well without moving his mouth is quite unreal {he's a ventriloquist}. He's actually coming to Calgary very soon too!

Friday we hit up the outlet mall, went for pizza at Five50 Pizza Bar in our hotel and then immediately hit the pool! We didn't actually go in the pool but Justin had a pool side nap and then we went in the hot tub. 

That night we walked over to the MGM Grand and grabbed tickets for our Cirque show for the following day. We wondered the hotel for a dinner spot and ended up at Crush which did not disappoint. We both left there incredible full but with very happy bellies.

After dinner we grabbed a cab down to Fremont Street - one of our favorite spots in Las Vegas. We wondered around {best people watching ever}, checked out the Golden Nugget hotel tank pool and the largest golden nugget {we had a cab driver the day before who filled us in on these must see spots!} and then made our way down to Container Park which is a cool little open air market with shops, restaurants and bars made up of old shipping containers. We stopped at a club on our way back to the hotel and thoroughly enjoyed the people watching again.

Saturday we hit up the mall and then grabbed a quick lunch {that we were no even hungry for!} and beer at Twin Peaks - basically an up scaled Hooters. I'm a good wife. ;) 

We did some "gambling" {AKA I will only play the penny slots} but I did win $30 and immediately cash out upon receiving my free drinks for playing.

Went went down to the pool again and had a drink in the hot tub and then got ready for our Cirque du Soleil show Zumanity {which we had seen before but over 5 years ago}. We have seen all the other Cirque shows in Vegas other than LOVE and that one just doesn't appeal to us. We had planned to go to the Mexican restaurant in our hotel but we just weren't hungry so we decided to skip it.

Dress: Winners

The show was incredible. Some people are very far too talented!

We walked back to our hotel, grabbed a bottle of wine and a few pieces of pizza and called it a night!

We had an incredible time. It was so nice to just be together, have no place we had to be, we lounged on the bed in our robes and ate chips, slept until we wanted to {although I don't think we slept past 7am!} and held each others hand instead of the kids. Being a parent is our favorite thing ever but so is our time together.
{Thank you again Ma & Pa!}