I am not sure how it happened really but our kids are definitely bike crazy. Delainey has always been able to sit for bike movies ever since she was a wee girl and same with Ryder. Delainey asks for bike movies before bed over any cartoon. They dance to the music, have their favorite videos and Delainey actually knows many riders names AND all the bikes parts. Even ones I couldn't point out! We had music on the other day and she piped up "hey this song is from Aaron Gwin's bike movie!"

So when I "met" Laurel on Instagram and she said my kids were perfect for her brand Lake + Hill, she couldn't have been more correct. Laurel is the 
shop mastermind and a busy mom of 2 living right here in Calgary. She grew up in Edmonton {big Oilers fan!} and she's a commercial construction lawyer by day in downtown Calgary and before that completed her Bachelor of Design in visual communications at the Department of Art and Design at the University of Alberta and trained as a graphic designer.  
She was inspired by the activities they were doing as a family, needed an outlet and started thinking about creating graphic tees for her kids - based on life on the Lake, and on the Hill. Hence Lake + Hill

The shirts my kids are wearing are from her Spring Vibes collection which is inspired by her sons Cole and Adam's love of wheels - biking, scootering, triking, skateboarding, pushing anything with wheels! Right up my kids alley too!

Laurel's goal is to make modern kids wear that isn't too serious and kids will want to wear it and be excited about - not so minimalist that there is no fun in it! I think she's totally nailed that.

Ryder is wearing the lots of trikes tee in 18 months. Delainey not only chooses her outfits often but Ryder's too and she loves this tee.

Delainey is wearing the scoot scoot scoot little sweatshirt in a 4T. 

Perfect for the skills park this past weekend!

Both items are excellent quality and fit true to size without shrinking when washed and dried. Laurel also created an awesome birthday tee collection! They are super cute and not just the regular " I am ONE" shirts you see around. I definitely plan on getting them for the kids birthday shirts!

AND you can win one if you pop over to my Instagram account!
Be sure to check out Lake + Hill on Instagram as well.
Happy Tuesday. It's my last day of work this week and I am so excited for this busy week with the kids and then a long weekend with Just. We unfortunately aren't going to the lake as Mom and Dad are away at a wedding and if we are making the trip out there we want them to be around. So we will head out in the next couple of weeks instead and in the meantime are trying to come up with fun adventures for the weekend around home. On to 4 randoms.

I am terrible about remembering to take photos!

Jean jacket: Frock Box, Dress: Target {so old}/ Dress: Hope's {old}, necklace: F21
These booties from Spring are my favorite and SO comfy.

He is always cuddling one of this stuffed animals when he sleeps now and it's so cute! 
This is the dog Delainey gave to  him when he was born. 

I knew this new hair color would throw some of our students off at school. The don't love change and I get comments & questions even on days I wear my hair in a ponytail or I wear my glasses as it's a bit different.

My favorite comments:

I walked into one class while doing a tour the morning after my first day back with the dark hair and one of our grade 3 students said "whoa your hair, well that's a drastic improvement"

One of the high school students said "Mrs. Black well that's a shock, I was expecting something more along the lines of another pregnancy"

A junior high student said " I like your hair Mrs. Black. But it was 110% better before."

A little back story - a few weeks ago {before changing my hair color} one of our high school students was in my office as he wasn't feeling well so he was waiting to get picked up. He was trying to make small talk while I was working as I could tell the silence was making him uncomfortable. He blurted out that some of the guys in his class and himself were talking and think I look like Carrie Underwood. He immediately realized he probably didn't want to say that and asked me not to tell them he said that. HA! 
Well on Monday - so a few weeks had gone by since I have had my hair dark and he popped into my office in the morning and said " I like your hair"....long silence after me thanking him and then he said "I hope you didn't change your hair just because of what I said about Carrie Underwood". Oh my gosh, I laughed and reassured him no, I just needed a change!

We really have the funniest and coolest students!

I suck at it. I keep saying I need to do and never do. But I do love Chef's Plate! It's so easy to pick the meals online and then there is no thought involved! We pull out the bag that has all the ingredients and my little sou-chefs and I get to work. The 2 plate meals have always been enough for our family too! I love that the meals change each week and we are left with the exact recipe so we can recreate it ourselves at a later date. 

You can use the code #3platesfromourlifeandtimes to get 3 free plates!
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Our was great and I was definitely sad when it came to an end - and incredible tired! But I am excited for a long weekend coming up.
We were spoiled this week to spend some time with my Mom while she was in town briefly. The kids were thrilled and the shrieks inside the truck when she surprised us were out of control!

D's sweatshirt & Ry's tee: Lake+Hill, Ry's pants: Cooper and Fudger

We had some great weather so as always enjoyed our walks.

tees: Live Love North, Harems: Portage and Main, Sunglasses: Babiators Canada

Justin took a few photos for us after dinner and these are my favorite of Delainey. 

Thursday we had gymnastics and both kids definitely love it! You have to watch Ryder because he will spot the pit and just run for it.

Both kids were GRUMPY in the afternoon. It took this one a little while to decide he was able to walk without tripping on his bottom lip but thankfully a detour to play in the "woods" and to look for the Gruffalo turned their mood around a bit. I was relieved to be heading out to teach Surf though let me tell you!

 Raglan: Tumble and Roar, Leggings: Kristina Benson Art

Friday morning we dropped Ryder off at Gramma's and he got to play with Nixon while I attended Delainey's Mother's Day Tea. She was super excited and incredibly cute. She sang only about 10% of the songs with her class but then thankfully belted them out in the truck for me afterwards.
Her boyfriend Bennett is beside her. ;)

They made 2 cute crafts including this canvas she painted. And a cute questionnaire. All the other kids guessed their Moms were 5-8 years old - Delainey said I was 30!

More ravine and biking adventures in the afternoon. He spends most of our walks in this position.

tank:  Mini Way Co.

Saturday Justin and Brian headed out for a bike ride so Leigh and Amelia came over to play. The kids had fun in the backyard and we got to chat which is always nice.

We also made cupcakes for Justin's birthday. She decorated them herself and then did the clean up of the beater too! ;)

Justin and I were lucky enough to sneak out for an early birthday dinner to Native Tongues Taqueria
It was unreal good {mushroom tacos were so delicious!} and we had fun sitting at the bar with an entertaining bartender.

Sunday I made us breakfast and then we headed out to Canmore for a joint Birthday and Mother's Day. We went to the Skills Park and both kids had a blast!

top: Live Love North, Sunglasses: Cayo Eyewear

Ryder surprised us and was glidding down the hills, lifting his feet and trying his best to keep up with his sister. Justin and I took turns with him as our backs and hamstrings were on fire!

Every time we told Delainey it was almost time to go she would say "no not yet!" and as soon as we got home she asked when we could go back! It's such a beautiful location and it was really quiet so we will definitely be heading back soon.
We grabbed pizza for lunch in Canmore before heading home

I always say I just want a day with the family for Mother's Day {which we did and was perfect!} but Justin isn't a good listener. ;) They gifted me this super thoughtful gift. It's photos of the night sky in Calgary on the night we were married and then the nights we had both our IUI. You can see all the little constellations and stars and has the dates below. It's beautiful and I just love it so much. 

Delainey made Justin this key chain of our family {shrinking plastic}. Her drawings of people are just the cutest! She drew Kitty Cat on there too because she is part of the family. :)

Debbie came over for dinner and Justin BBQ'd us a feast and then we enjoyed Delainey's cupcakes and ice cream for dessert.

I feel incredibly lucky to have these 2 kids call me Mom along with 1 furry blond. I also have the best Mom, Mother-in-law and so many incredible women in my life who support me, inspire me and make me a better Mom.