Happy Monday! Another busy and fun filled weekend. Plus the weather has been so nice that we've been getting outside a lot which makes us all pretty darn happy. I worked 3 insanely busy days last week but we spent time in the backyard after work each day which was great.
Finally we had good snowman snow!

Ryder was pretty intrigued. He kept pointing to it and then at me and saying Wow! 

Chalk board time.

Mom, Dad and Nana came for dinner on Wednesday before Mom and Dad headed out for their big sailing trip.

Early morning play dough time.

Our ravine is still pretty much a skating rink now so the kids can't safely get out and walk so we took a drive to find a path that was clear. This is Delainey's favorite walking spot because we park at a convenience store so after our walks here I always grab a coffee and she gets a few 5 cent candies - we don't visit this spot often! It's usually Cruzie's favorite too as there are lots of ponds - this time she found a rodent that was no long living to roll in. Boo. That was a fun truck ride home.

Ryder was beyond thrilled to run and and explore. This new hat my Mom made is by far my favorite. So cute!
 Pants: Simply Love {Calgary}, Coat: Zara from Washed & Worn Kids {Great online consignment store local to Calgary}, Scarf: Acorn & Leaf {Calgary}

Once we got home it meant a bath for Cruz.I had 2 extra helpers which made it extra hilarious and extra wet. Oh well, they had fun.
After the kids {meaning Ryder} napped Uncle Jeff came over on his way home from work. We of course played in the backyard and we all had a blast.

I headed out to teach a full Surf Class - I love when all the boards are full! And came home to the kids having a full on dance party to bike videos of course!

Friday Delainey had preschool so Ry and I ran a list of errands and he was a trooper. D's class made this beautiful rice ring {everyone was asked to bring in frozen ice blocks to contribute}.

 Shirt & Beanie: Portage and Main, Pants: Auntie Tal's

One of our errands included picking up these adorable jeans from Little Demin Patch. He looks so cute stomping around in them.

Friday night Justin and I snuck out to the watering hole for appies as Gramma Debbie offered to come have dinner with the kids. We got home in time to put them to bed and then we started watching The girl on the train. I fell asleep so we had to finish it Saturday night. It was definitely different.

Saturday morning we had a quiet morning and then headed out to Amelia's birthday party.
 The kids enjoyed all the snacks, coloring, playing with friends and of course cookies and cupcakes!
Amelia was hilarious and HATED us all singing to her! 

We got home and the house went down for naps and I snuck out for a workout with the Blog Squad at Revive Lifestyle Fitness. It was a great total body workout{more about it later this week}!

Sunday morning I had a little date planned for my Peppa Pig lover. I happened to see on facebook that a local painting studio was hosting a "Paint with Peppa" party and I luckily got a spot and the studio was only minutes from our house!
I didn't tell Delainey what we were doing and she was just excited to be painting a pig. I wish I would have caught her face on camera when Peppa walked in. She was SO excited and it was the cutest thing. I may have teared up but that's just me.

Good thing her pig was pretty much completely painted because she could not keep her eyes off Peppa the rest of the time. She got many hugs and high fives.

They also provided each child with juice, 3 cookies and lots of treats and icing to decorate the cookies with.

And then they had a dance party. D was so pumped as it was all songs she knew {chicken dance, if you're happy, head and shoulders, hokey pokey...} and every time a song came on she would look at me and say "I know this song!"

It was such a great morning. After naps Debbie came over and Justin did oil changes on her car and ours while we played and then it was already time for dinner and to get ready for a busy week!

It's been a while since I have updated on the kids so I thought I would make it a joint update!
I'll try and make it brief as I could probably white a novel.

Ryder is 1 year almost 3 months and Delainey is 3 years almost 4 months. :) I wish I could just video our days, just for my sake. They say and do such silly things and I need to get better about writing more down because my memory often fails me. They are both such fun kids and I LOVE my time with them more than anything. Sure they whine and Delainey cries at the drop of a hat {full melt down the other night because Justin didn't come for "teeth time" the second she announced it was teeth time!} oh the tears. Either way I am so lucky they are mine and think they are pretty darn special. Plus I know this a season and soon our chaotic "teeth time" routines with 2 kids on the bathroom counter will be a thing of the past and I will miss these days.

Ryder is 20lbs and Delainey is 28lbs
We often tell Delainey she can't push Ryder around as she is teaching him how to push and before she knows it he will be bigger than her. That may come sooner than we think. 

They both LOVE snacks. Crackers, yogurt drinks, berries, oranges, peeled apples, fruit bars, home made milkshakes or smoothies, fig bars, yogurt covered raisins - you name it.

They are both really good eaters for the most part. Delainey has her days where it takes her forever to eat or we are always on her case to take a bite but then sometimes she cleans her plate before the rest of us. She LOVES carbs - pasta, bread, buns, crackers. She does not like tomatoes or olives.

Ryder loves food. There isn't much he won't eat and still cleans his own plate and then eats Delainey's leftovers. He LOVES bananas and raisins. He doesn't like cauliflower or broccoli, he always tries it and then shutters and spits it out. Otherwise he eats everything we do!

I nursed him for the last time on the exact same day {age wise} that I did Delainey {13 months 1 week}. Not really intentionally but I read in an old blog post when I stopped with D and saw it was a week away so decided it was time. He really just liked to snuggle near the end I think and wasn't really nursing that much anyways. He did more pocking me and laughing at Justin than actually eating. As Delainey did he was fine being cut off and I had no issues either. He took loves homo milk and I was mixing it with breast milk I had in the freezer for the first few weeks after weaning. 

Delainey is not a big sleeper. She goes to bed at 7:00pm every night {will often sing for up to an hour} and id up most mornings at 5:30am. She is good about staying in bed until Momo wakes up at 6:20am on week days and 6:40am on weekend {not so good at being quiet while staying in bed though, we are working on this}. She will nap most afternoons or stay in her room for quiet time {40 minutes is my rule}.
Ryder goes to bed just before 7:00pm and will sleep until anywhere from 6:30-8:00am if we let him. He still typically naps twice a day. I think he is starting to drop that morning nap on the days we let him sleep in {totally ok with me}. On weeks days when we wake him up he still usually naps twice no problem.

Delainey loves Kitty Cat. Her dolls house, barbies, barbie car. Coloring, painting, play dough and crafts. Baking, helping make smoothies/milkshakes, playing teacher and doing lego. Peppa Pig is her favorite and will watch Peppa Pig, Daniel Tiger or Curious George. She has no interest in movies. Other than bike movies. He loves reading books and then will re-read it on her own afterwards to Ryder. She loves being outside, her bike and sledding.

Ryder loves to pretend to play hockey - usually with my pancake flipper and Cruz's ball. The potato masher works too. He also pretend to shovel snow like Dad with these as well and he loves watching Justin shovel the deck. He loves playing with Delainey and doing whatever she is doing. He just LOVES Delainey and thinks she is so funny. He loves to push cars and trucks around and likes his tools and things that light up and make noise. He would love to have his own cell phone that lights up and says "I don't know what you said" like mine does when he gets his hands on it and chats with Siri. He gives great cuddles after naps and is such an easy going boy.

Delainey is one emotional little thing. I am really trying to work on it with her by taking breaths and having her realize we cannot read her mind and she needs to state what she wants/needs/why she is upset BEFORE she starts bawling as there is always someone with her who can help. Oh the drama.
She used to scream having her hair washed and the 5 minutes it took me to dry her off and get her "cozy" again after baths BUT I have worked really hard talking her through it the last month and we have made huge progress (with a promise of a treat afterwards of course) that she usually forgets about.
If she gets Kitty Cat taken away at bedtime (when she keeps getting out of bed).
When I say no to a snack too close to a meal.
When Ryder tries to play with what she's playing with or takes something that is "hers" even if she isn't playing with it.
When she gets snow in her mitt or boot - LIFE ruining moment.

The 30 minutes before dinner time.
When Delainey steals what he has or won't let him play with her.
When it's nap time and he feels he shouldn't nap that day.

What's new?
Ryder still just has the 7 teeth but I've seen a bottom one poke through and we can feel his molars coming in too.
We give Ryder a hair cut every couple of weeks, his hair grows so fast!
He is still in size 3 Kirkland diapers. Wears mainly 12-18 month clothes. He grows out of everything in length before the waist fits him on in most store bought pants.
He puts his own diaper in the garbage and we are working on him putting his dirty clothes in the hamper but he usually just gives them to Delainey as he sees her do this job!
Waves hi and bye. She says Dada, Mama, Oh no...and a lot of  half words where I know what he is saying but they aren't 100% clear.

Delainey gets herself dressed and undressed all by herself now - unless she's in a mood and then it's definitely not possible. ;) We are working on buttons, snaps and zippers. 
She wears mainly 2T and 3T clothes, she is growing out of all her 3T leggings in length and I have yet to find a pair of real jeans that fit her in the waist even with the adjusters inside.
We have been working on her printing her letters, she has become more willing to do this just in the past month or so with me.
Her speech still isn't super clear, we work on it a lot with her. She CAN say the words but it's like she's lazy and talks too quickly and doesn't say all the sounds in a word. She is also wanting to "baby talk" a lot these days {drives me bonkers} because of how Ryder talks so we are just trying to reinforce with her that SHE has to teach Ry to talk so has to use her big girl voice and words to teach him. 
She has an incredible memory. She can read a book almost word for word after me reading it to her once, maybe twice. 
She also has a crazy memory for directions. For example if I take a different route to Whit's {opposite end of the city than us} she will tell me I missed the turn and we were supposed to go that way, or once we were on Crowchild and passed where my work was {she had only been there a handful of times} & she told me my work was right there and pointed right to my work.
She basically a genius. :) Kidding.
She loves preschool and has a little boyfriend Bennett who is smitten with her as well. They are the cutest.

Our new bedtime routine {since I stopped nursing} is one of my favorite times of the day.
After teeth time we read 2 books together in Ryder's room and then D goes to her room and picks 1 book and gets into bed. I then snuggle, rock, chat with Ry for a few minutes before putting him in his crib. D & I then read 1 book in her bed and we do our own silly nightly routine and then she goes to bed. After asking me multiple questions about exactly what Justin and I are going be doing of course.
Aaaaand then she gets out of bed multiples times, or cries for me, or need a kiss, or heard a noise...gah.

I know I am missing a million things but that at least it's an update. 
They are pretty incredible kids and as much as some days I was time to stand still {and as tough as they can be} I love these ages. I just love watching them grow, learn and become these little people. 

PS. Don't worry Cruz is still loved in ridiculous amounts. She hasn't slowed down at all even though she will be 8 in May. She is getting very white in the face though. She loves the attention from the kids but also has a limit and will remove herself if she needs to. 
I'm not gonna lie during those cold snaps I wish she was a gerbil and didn't still need her 2 walks a day but I am also thankful she gets us outside. She has been a trouble maker since I've gone back to work and after her last incident of taking something off the counter and chewing a pair of Ryder's old moccs I threatened the kennel while we are at work so hopefully she smartens up.

But yes I love my little gang so much.

If you've been on this little space of mine before then chances are you may remember me sharing eShakti before. They are a great site for women's fashion {dresses, tops & bottoms} that are completely customizable.

You give them your measurements or choose from their size and fitting guide and I guarantee you'll get a great fit.
The unique and incredible thing about eShakti is you choose a piece from their site and then you can make it your very own.

Plus they offer sizes 0-36 and can narrow your search on their site by item, color, style, fabric choice and price.

I chose this Trapeze Hem Cotton Knit Dress in charcoal and went with a small 4 from their size chart and also gave them my height. I didn't make any changes to this dress in the neckline or sleeves but did ask that it be shortened so it was above my knees. I also kept the pockets as I liked that detail on the dress but they could also be removed.

Look 1: Boots. Statement necklace. Boot socks.

^ Thank you Justin for these photos and for not complaining once even though it was minus a billion outside.

Look 2: Boots. Scarf. Bright boot socks.

Look 3: Purple tights. Booties. Long necklace.

^ Thank you tripod from Mom and Dad for these ones because there is no way Justin would agree to 2 more sets of photos. :)

I really like dress. It's casual and comfy yet I can dress it up and wear it to work. {There is another similar one that also comes in 4 other colors and is on sale.}
 I've washed it once and my only complaint is the bottom hem will not lay flat even when I iron it over and over. Pretty sure this only would bother me and no one will notice. Everything I own from eShakti is really exceptional quality and I am always excited to add their pieces to my wardrobe.

I think it's safe to say this site has something for everyone because there are many pieces I really like and others that are definitely not my style but would be someone elses. I'm loving this new Polka Dot Dress and this Draped Sheath Dress! I also think this Accordian Pleat Tulle dress would be so cute with the skirt part being adjusted to above the knee!

Be sure to check them out on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest!

Disclaimer: I was given this dress for my honest review.