Last week was a very different week for me as the kids went to the lake Monday evening with my parents. Monday was a rainy morning so we played at home, I realized that we really haven't had a day of just nothing all summer so we've been pretty lucky. We did lots of crafts, worked out, played hockey with balloons, read and organized all our book and played outside as we could!

 Top & Joggers: Portage and Main RINK collection {the drawstring is hockey laces - so cute!!}

She was "hiding" behind this tree playing hide & seek here. ;)

 Tank & Leggings: Portage and Main

While the kids were away I had a big list of things to accomplish I got everything done and more. Justin was unfortunately sick so our movie date and day of hiking had to be cancelled but we did get to wing night one night and over to Ceili's the next night after my Surf class. He was supposed to come to my class too but unfortunately wasn't up for it. I made a point to heading to a class at Illume every day! I am lucky to get all my classes free so in addition to teaching my class I did a Surf Set Blend class, Hot Yoga Flow and Hot Power Flow. I loved every class.

Wore this pretty new top from Pink Porcupine out for wing night.

While the kids were gone they were busy! They went on bike rides, spent lots of time with Nana, played in the water with Kaley & Syd, went to a great skills bike park in Evansburg, went for ice cream and SO much more.

Ryder even went behind the boat on the EZ-ski! What a kid.

We headed out for the lake Friday afternoon for the weekend. I couldn't get there fast enough!! The best was Delainey running from the front of the cabin when she saw the truck and her big hug. It was so good to see them and be back with them. I am so glad they got to spend that time with Ma & Pa, they don't know how lucky they are but I missed them so much!!
Jeff and Jolie were out and Crystal, Troy, Emerson, Nixon and Debbie all came out for the weekend too!
Lake swim with Uncle Troy.

Tea party with Uncle Jeff.

The weather was nice and sunny but there was a cool wind so not exactly water weather. Obstacle courses were a hit on the front lawn.

We checked out the market before going for a bike ride before lunch. 

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Annual photo with Emerson, she's going to be taller than me soon!

Jeff bought those "bunch o balloons" that fill up 100 water balloons at once and seal them! They were so cool and the kids loved them. He also made a bulls eye for them to aim at!

We had a bonfire after the kids were in bed Saturday night and Sunday we went for a boat ride before heading home.

A weekend at the lake with family cannot be beat! 
 We got home from the lake on Wednesday and got right back into the swing of things here. Park hopping, walks and backyard fun. We were excited to get home to see our newly landscaped backyard and we are so happy with it. Photos just don't so it justice but as soon as Delainey saw it she said "Mommy you got to come look, it's beautiful!"
Thursday we got groceries, did a workout and then headed out to a park near us that we hadn't been to all summer.

I taught a full and super fun surf class before grabbing Blizzards for Miracle Treat Day. They went into the freezer and we enjoyed them the next day as when I get home from surf it's time for stories with the kids and bed.

{I definitely told all my surfers to meet me at DQ :) Quite a few listened!}

Friday morning we met up with Nicole and her 3 at Bowness Park for a play date. We arrived a bit early so of course Delainey asked to throw rocks.

We played at the park for a while before making the trek over to the new wading pool. {Big busy playgrounds aren't the best spot to catch up with friends I am learning because with 2 busy kids to keep an eye on I find it stressful to chat and make sure I know where both kids are.}

The wading pool is awesome. So clean and such a pretty spot right by the river. All our kids loved it!

That night we enjoyed the backyard and warm night while Justin BBQ's us dinner.

Saturday morning we headed out to meet Whit and the kids at the Millarville Market for our annual trip there. We had a great time and as always enjoyed a delicious lunch and came home with lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

That lemonade though!

While we were gone Justin finished the insulation in the garage. We then enjoyed the backyard some more. The kids love the new rocks!

Sunday morning we dropped the kids off bright and early at Gramma's and we headed to Jeff and Jolie's so we could drive to Red Deer together for Mud Hero. Mom, Dad, Wes, Steve and Lindsey were meeting us from Seba to run as well.

 We had SO much fun! A few new obstacles that last year - including a warp wall!! We all stayed together and helped each other along the way as needed and finished covered in mud and oh so happy! I could have layed out in that mud!! It's amazing. ha

Thank you to Jolie for being our photographer! :)