I had another Frock Box delivery and it's safe to say I loved it {albeit one little hiccup}. It was the perfect fall box and I've worn all 4 items a few times and have had compliments on each many of them many times - spoiler alert - I kept the whole box minus a top.

I was sent a tee that I was previously sent in my last box and sent back as I did not love it. I was disappointed because if you keep the whole box you get 25% off everything. The customer service with Frock Box has always been one of their strongest points and they let me send the tee back and keep the 4 items instead of 5 and still get 25% off the whole box minus the top. Happy Birthday to me from Gran. :)

On to the box:

Item 1: Moto Cropped Pants with High Waist - $64 - Small - Wine
I LOVE love love these pants. I wore them all day long and they are SO comfortable. And then I wore them for a few more days too. ;) I clearly need them in every color. They fit perfectly, are flattering and could wear them with with flats, booties or even tall boots and just cover up that side zipper. I knew as soon as I was putting them on that they were a keeper and worth $64.

Item 2 - Navajo Print Booties in Taupe {sent Black} - 6.5 - $54
I love these. I am so glad they sent them in black as I have taupe booties so these so completely different than anything I own. I have worn them many times and even to Wine & Food Fest and my feet were happy all night. They are cute with tights and a dress too.

Items 3 - Floral Print Top with Lace Sleeve - $49 - Small - Blue
Like I said, I was already sent this top and as much as I love the floral, there is just something about the lace and do not love and just wouldn't reach for it in my closet.

Returned. Again. ;)

Item 4 - Waffle Open Front Knit Cardigan - $49 - Small - Pink
My co-worker and I were just talking about how hard it is to find a good cardigan and I love this one. It's a really great color, hangs perfectly and is a good length on me. I've worn it with jeans, black pants and floral leggings as well. :)

Item 5 - Gilli Knit Short Sleeve Tunic Dress - $49 - Small - Grey
 I wasn't sure about this dress but once I tried it on I liked it. I wore it to work this week with tights and these booties but could wear it with a drapier cardigan and tall boots too and will be great in the spring with flats.

It has a cute zipper detail at the back and rolled cuff sleeves.

So there we have it. A happy Frock Boxer right here! :) All items are really great quality and will be worn all fall/winter and into spring too!
Want to try Frock Box! Click here {referral link} and enjoy set up a profile so your stylist can get to know your unique style.

Be very specific in what you want - wanting only dresses? Tell them. Don't like lace or tight fitted items? Tell them.
Tell them if there are colors or prints you don't like. I say no to black.
Link a Pinterest account to your profile.
Engage with them on social media and tell them what you want to see in your box.
Have an open mind. So many times I look at my items and think I won't like them until I put them on!

I haven't worn a watch in years which is why when I partnered with Jord the first time, I chose this watch for Justin.

As soon as it arrived and saw how much he liked it and how light weight and classy it was I won't lie, I wished I was selfish and chose one for myself! So you bet when Jord contacted me again I didn't think twice about reviewing a woman's watch. It didn't take me anytime to choose the Dark Sandalwood and Slate from the Frankie 35 Series and I absolutely love it.

When I received the watch, the packaging was just as beautiful as the watch itself. They arrive on a little pillow in a wooden box with tools should you need them (or should your husband need them!), extra links, a cleaning cloth and oils to clean the wood.

I think I actually like the watch more in person that I did looking at it on the site. The dark wood, slate background and copper details make it incredibly versatile and the perfect piece to add to my fall fashion essentials. I have worn the watch everyday since it arrived - it's causal yet dressy and it goes with every outfit.

I like the size of the face of this watch. Some of the watches I feel would look too big on my arm but I don't feel that with this one at all. I sent them my wrist size and they sized it for me as well. I went with a looser fit so it's more of a bracelet and I'm really happy with it.

 It indeed is very light weight, simple and incredibly comfortable to wear. I have received compliments on it from strangers even and love how unique it is. Another selling feature for me is the quality and durability. It's made with sapphire glass which is known as one of the hardest and most scratch resistant materials on earth, second to diamonds.

Since I know all of you will love these watches too, you can enter to win a $100 credit to Jord - just click this link to enter!  They have a great selection of mens and womens watches and they would make a great gift as well.

And even if you don't win you will get a $25 credit just for entering!
Last day to enter is October 31/17.

^ my favorite outtake! :) Oh fall, stealing he show.

Disclaimer: I was gifted this watch from Jord in exchange for this review. As always my opinions are my own and honest. Thank you again Jord. 

 Happy Monday!  
We had an awesome weekend and busy week. We had dinner with Mom and Dad Tuesday night as they just got home from their trip. I worked Wednesday so Thursday was a busy one. 

Cruz had a vet appointment first thing in the morning so we walked her and then did that from there we took Ryder to the doctor. We stopped to pick out a birthday present for a party Delainey was going to this weekend and then picked up some groceries. Zipped home to make lunch and walk Cruz again before heading to Edworthy Park as a co-worker asked me to take some maternity photos for her.
We had some time to kill afterwards so we had fun at the park and playing in the leaves. Ryder had a quick nap in the truck on our way to Delainey's first swimming lesson.

There are only 3 in Delainey's class and she did so good and had a ton of fun!

  Luckily I had made dinner while the kids ate breakfast because the traffic home was nuts and I basically had time to change and head out to teach Surf.

Friday was thankfully a quieter day because we had no gymnastics as it was closed for Thanksgiving week. Ryder and I read lots of books and snuggled - my favorite. We also cut out his birthday invites.

 This little miss had her first speech session at preschool. I knew she could access PUF funding and that her speech was delayed in areas so we asked to have her assessed this year. She was approved for mild funding so a SLP will see her for 30 minutes every Friday or every second Friday while at preschool. She loved the session and was so excited to tell me that she was the boss of her tongue! I'm a huge advocate of early intervention so I am excited we are taking care of it now and thankful we have these resources available to us.

After lunch we dropped Delainey off at ballet and headed to our walking spot.

We play the same game every time. I say ready set go and he runs ahead and I pretend I can't catch him. He dies laughing every time and then turns around and runs back to me into my arms for a hug. He's the best.

Cruz starts crying like an ewok the minute we drop Delainey off at ballet because she knows where we are headed!

 New hair clip from Landi Lou.

Once Justin got home we dropped the kids off at Ma & Pa's house for a sleepover and we headed downtown to the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival. More on that later this week!

We picked the kids up in the morning and ran a couple errands before coming home to make a Halloween Gingerbread house, cover the house in water beads and have a picnic lunch inside.

While Ryder napped Delainey and I did some of her speech work sheets and finished her birthday thank you cards. We went to Ma & Pa's for dinner on Saturday night with Jeff, Jolie and Nana to celebrate an early birthday for Nana. We had a delicious dinner as always and a great visit.

Sunday morning Justin headed out for a ride with Andrew. They had a blast and he came home covered in mud! The kids and I went to Bulk Barn to get candy corn and then had fun at the playground.

We came home to make lunch and then when Justin got home Delainey and I headed out to her birthday party. It was a gymnastics party for a preschool friend and she was super excited to wear her gym suit! She was the only one in the gym suit and I was the only parent who thought I was staying for the party too! I guess they are at the age where you drop them off for parties now! When I was the last Mom there I asked Delainey if she was ok if I left for a bit and she said "yeah as long as you come back!" ha So I grabbed a few things at Superstore and then went back and helped with snack/treat time. She had a blast (Bennett was there!)

Justin made us a delicious beet butt chicken for dinner and then we all pretty much crashed into bed.