I've been finding these two playing nicely {and quietly} a lot these days so I try and secretly snap a few photos here and and there as much as I can. Or some hilarious video like the one of Delainey trying to get Ryder into his jammies. I was dying laughing listening to them and then just had to try and get some of it on video. He was being so patient with her just standing there clinging to the crib rails and she was trying so hard "ok bud I think we almost got it". It was just too much. 

"The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other"

With all those quiet perfect moments of them playing sweetly there are many, many meltdowns and teaching moments throughout our days. They both shed many tears brought on by the other and I don't know how many times I tell Delainey that one day Ryder is going to be bigger and stronger than her - just like Uncle Jeff with me! She doesn't quite get it.

Delainey often asks to play in the crib with Ryder, which is great seeing as neither of them will climb out so I have them trapped for a few very loud minutes but they love it and will surely break the crib soon. ;) I will never tire of watching them together though. When they get laughing together it's pretty much the best part of my day. I can't help but stop what I am doing and watch them and laugh myself.  Especially with Delainey snorts she's laughing so hard. They are at such a fun age interacting with each other and Ryder will do pretty much anything Delainey wants him to at this point.

"Sisters and brothers are the truest, purest forms of love, family, and friendship, knowing when to hold you and when to challenge you, but always being a part of you"
Carol Ann Albright Eastman

These Finn + Emma pajamas are our absolute favorite. I love the fit for my kids. They are a narrower fit in the top with plenty of room to grow in the waist and in length. They are made with buttery soft, thick yet breathable G.O.T.S., certified organic cotton and non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes. Since this is their second pair I knew to go with the 4T for Delainey and then decided to size up and went with a 2T for Ryder. They also have these tribal ones and he has a 18-24 months and both fit him just great.

I had Delainey pick which ones she wanted this time around and told her she could choose from any print including a girlier print like these zebras or the fairytales and we could choose a different print for Ry. She initially wanted the arrow print for both of them but they were sold out of her size so she chose the totem ones and definitely wanted Ryder to match! This brand new giraffe print is my favorite right now though. 

I know Ryder isn't always going to pine for Delainey's attention and I know soon Delainey won't think matching her brother {or her Mom} is super cool. It's all a season that I will cherish.
 And until then I will sit back and enjoy these moments and snap these photos when I can, because every picture tells our story.
I still remember the days so clearly that I hoped and wished for the very things I have now. Not quite sure how we got this lucky.

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Pajamas c/o Finn + Emma, but as always, all thoughts and reviews are my own.

I am a fan of fashion in all the seasons. It seems like I am ready for a wardrobe change right when the seasons change anyways. I love boots, scarves and Grampa sweaters just as much as I love maxi dresses and jean shorts. But there is something about summer fashion that really makes me happy. Maybe it's partly because it means we don't have the dress the kids up into eighteen layers and it takes far less time to get out of the house because we just need to slip on sandals and not worry about a coat! Or maybe it's just the brighter cheerful colors that pop out in the summer.
My latest dress from Pink Blush is one of my new favorites.

Black-Striped Shoulder Floral Dress

It's such a pretty floral and so versatile. Perfect for this season but I totally plan on dragging it into fall with me and pairing it with some tights, boots and a cardigan.

I've worn it with flip flops to the grocery store with the kids {not too short}, to work {top photo} and along the back road at the lake barefoot! ;) It's a nice flowy fit that can definitely be worn day and night.

It also comes in navy, can be worn as a maternity dress and would be perfect for that after baby body as well. I am wearing a size small.

I created this list below a few weeks back so I am certain there are already a load of new arrivals {like this dress and this top}. But on to some other favorites:

This floral knot tee or striped color black baseball tee. They would be great with capris or shorts & your favorite flip flops!

This floral sleeveless maxi or peach racer back maxi would be lovely for markets. I have learned lately how much I love long dresses when out and about with kids.

This mauve tie dye cold should dress or this basic sleeveless maxi dress. It comes in 9 colors and sizes S-3X.

Pink Blush now has some cute active wear pieces like these floral crops & these black mesh accent cropped leggings.

And because everyone needs date night - I am loving this fringed off shoulder top and this teal floral open shoulder blouse. If I could fill my closet with off the shoulder and cold shoulder tops this summer I most certainly would.

I also just recently ordered a dress from them for our only wedding this summer coming up in July. I can't find it on the site anymore so you will just have to wait and see it! :)

Disclaimer: Dress c/o PinkBlush Style Ambassador but as always, all thoughts and reviews are 100% my ownThank you again Pink Blush! 

TWO: the number of outfit photos I have taken in the last week. Slacking.

FIVE: the number of graduates we had this year at school. 
We went with the theme ADVENTURE and it was a ton of fun to plan and it truly all came together last minute. We have a seriously talented crew of staff who not only are the best at their job but incredibly creative and hard working. A few photos I took.

I love this photo of all the grads feet. They are all such unique students and their footwear/sock choice is so them.

I seriously love my job so much. But FOUR: the numbers of days left of work before summer break!

FOURTEEN: the number of days until we find out if we are having a new niece or nephew join our family. SO excited.

THREE: the number of nights Lily is sleeping over this week. Delainey is on cloud NINE.

FOUR: the number of days will be spent with family in Vernon for the long weekend. Not enough,

SEVEN: the number of hours it will take us to drive to Vernon each way. Lord help us.

ONE HUNDRED: the number of  times I cursed doing the new workouts from Shaun Week. I was confused with another program coming out and they were not all TWENTY FIVE minutes. Holy heck they were hard but I honestly feel so good after a week of new workouts!

SEVEN: the number of days until our EIGHTH anniversary.

NINE: the approximate number of episodes we watched this weekend of Life in Pieces. They are only TWENTY FIVE minute episodes and SO funny.