Well happy Monday. It's seriously SO gorgeous outside! We had to get groceries this morning but otherwise we have been in the backyard, we even had a picnic lunch. 
Rewinding back...Wednesday I was off and when I asked D what she said she wanted to do she said go for a walk where Cruz can swim. This is also where she gets treated to 5 cent candies usually too. :) Smart girl. It was a beautiful day so we had a great walk.

Hoodie: c/o Mountain Tots, Harems: c/o Portage & Main

 We got these new cups from Nuby Canada and they are great, water in the bottom, snacks up top. The kids think they are so cool. More on this company to come. :)

Ryder was obsessed with the ducks. He cried big fat tears when we had to leave them. I may be a little nervous about our zoo trip! ha

 Backyard time after our second walk.

Wednesday night I had my girls dinner at Pulcinella's. As always it's a highlight of my month and we always have a great time catching up. My pizza was so odd though. It was separated into 4 quadrants if you will and each section had 1 topping. Artichokes on one, ham on one and mushrooms and one - and cheese on the last!? What the heck. So only 1 piece had cheese. Don't order the Quatro Stagioni. :)

Thursday was another amazing weather day so after gymnastics it was outside time! Gramma Debbie came to watch gym so D was pretty excited. She did a forward roll on the beam this week, backward rolls and turns on the beam too!

 ^ top and batman pants Portage & Main

 It did get windy for our second walk but we still had fun with hopscotch and bike rides.

This new tee of D's from Gilby's Threads is one of my favorites!

Thursday night I taught a full Surfset class and it was a fun one! I have been trying to research new moves and create some of my own so it's been fun trying new things and getting good feedback.

Friday I had my own agenda for after preschool. Cookie Dough at Crossiron mall! :) It's new in the food court and I have been wanting to try it out. We shared the classic chocolate chip cookie dough and it was definitely delicious. It was a little pricey in my opinion for what you get {$7 for that little cup} but it was a fun treat and the kids were excited. 

It must seem like all we do is walk. :) Here we are walking again...ha

 ^ Beanie c/o a Instagram win! Cloud Co, Leggings Simply Love

Saturday morning we hung out at home and did hair cuts for Justin and Ry, baths and played outside before naps and then Hayden's 1st birthday party.

The decor was impressive!!! Julia's sister is an event planner so she took over and it was SO cute. The kids had a lot of fun with a bouncy castle in the basements, coloring, snacks, cupcakes and lots of kids! Hayden is the smiliest baby. Such a cutie. I was exhausted when we left!

Saturday night Justin and I watched Passengers. It was really good, I loved it.

Sunday we made a quick stop at Jeff & Jolie's to feed Junie and then hit the road for Canmore. I have been wanting to get to the mountains forever and finally we found a nice day that worked! 

We ventured up to the lakes past the Nordic center and it was chilly! So thankfully down in town it wasn't at all. Don't let this photo fool you, Justin was not happy about taking it with me. ;)

We went for a nice walk along the river and to the bridge.

We were all rocking our Live Love North shirts - meaning I told them that's what they dress code was - so we of course had to take some photos for Jessica who designs and draw all these shirts. She now has this whole mountain family collection - mama, baby, child and her newest 'man' that she was excited to get Justin in!

 My hat is a local company called Local Laundry. It's my new favorite accessory for sure. And funny story... I instagrammed this photo and tagged Local Laundry in it, one of owners messaged me and said he was in Canmore with his fiancee too and saw us on Main Street and said it made his day as it was the first time seeing one of their products outside of Calgary! Such a small world.

 We walked around and checked out a few shops before heading to the candy shop and then we had lunch at the Iron Goat. The kids did so good and ate a ton. 

We lucked out and found the helmet Justin wanted to get Ryder at one of the local bike shops. We actually bought the pink one for D also {in a bigger size} as she is growing out of hers. Ryder's face when we put it on him and showed him in the mirror at the bike shop was priceless. He was SO happy. Now he just needs a bike and to grow an inch. :)
The kids and I napped on the way home so we left Justin to have a quick nap when we got home and we headed out with Cruz for a walk/bike ride in the ravine.

 Her new helmet makes her extra speedy for sure! We did some more bike riding and chalk on the driveway with Daddy and made the kids waffles for dinner as Justin and I were still full from lunch.

It's Spring break week so it may be a little quiet around here {this message is mainly for Gran & Nana :)} but I'll be back Monday if I don't pop in before then. 
Happy Thursday. We've already had a great couple of days, the weather has been killin' it so we've been outside getting messy and then kids couldn't love it more. I just hope this weather sticks around all next week too!
It's been a few months since I last updated these kiddos so here we go.

{Ryder is 17 months and Miss D is almost 3.5 years old.}

^ This photo cracks me up, it's so "them". Ryder splashing away not caring, Delainey freaking out because her pants got a bit wet.

Delainey 28lbs, Ryder 20lbs.

Well this changes from day to day for our threenager. She is for the most part a good eater. She can put breakfast away real well and would be pretty content eating snack all day. Her favorites include pretty much all fruits, crackers, yogurt drink and love homemade smoothies or "milk shakes" which is a smoothie. ;) She could eat pasta for every meal. She has been doing much better at dinner time and has been finishing what we put on her plate - it's never all that much and all things she likes!

Ryder tucks food away like a champ. There are very few things he doesn't like but he will put them in his mouth many times anyways only to make a ridiculously funny face each time and spit it out. He finishes his meal and then points to his sisters plate wanting more.

Not much has changed here. They go to bed typically around 7pm, Delainey a few minutes after Ryder as she gets another story after our story time together in Ry's room. Delainey can get out of bed when Momo wakes up which is either 6:20am or 7:00am {weekday vs weekend}.

Ryder usually wakes up between 7:00-8:00am on weekends. We almost always have to wake him on weekdays. Ryder still naps morning and afternoon. Lately he's been having really good naps and I typically wake him from those too. Delainey rarely sleeps in the afternoons anymore. I enforce {as does Gramma} quiet time for at least 30 minutes which she does do quite well.

Delainey loves painting, coloring, crafts and baking. She loves snacks, Kitty Cat, Peppa Pig and Daniel Tiger. She is happiest outside as long as it's not cold or windy and is excited for biking season. She loves reading to Ryder and helping me read at bedtime. She is so happy to be back at gymnastics and is always excited to go to preschool. She loves play dates and going to do "something fun". Even if that's going for groceries - she loves grocery shopping. She loves sleepovers at Ma & Pa's, watching bike videos and hikes. She adores dancing, music and Taylor Swift. She requests "Taylor Swift new song" more than once a day and her and Ry have a dance party while she instructs me to be the boy {Zayn} and she is Taylor Swift. She often wears her bossy pants and likes things just so - meaning her way or the highway.

Ryder loves Delainey. And playing and doing whatever Delainey is doing. He loves hockey, hockey sticks and balls. When he wakes up every morning he points to his toy box and says ball. He loves dancing to bike videos and wants to ride a bike SO badly. We are on the hunt for a helmet cause he can walk with D's bike he just isn't all enough. This summer we will have 2 kids on bikes I think! Ryder too loves eating, snacks and being outside. He loves climbing, exploring, getting messy and making a mess. He is a trouble seeker. He loves sitting on laps and reading books, pulling marker lids off, playing with the vacuum or mop, emptying the toy basket so he can sit in them and still can be found playing in Cruz's water bowl.

Delainey hates when things don't go her way, when something gets wet or dirty that shouldn't be and when Ryder gets too close to something she doesn't want him touching. She can cry on a dime and her moods change just as fast.

Ryder dislikes when he can't do something D is doing. When we say no to something, when it's almost dinner time or when I leave the house.

What's New:
Delainey still loves preschool and "Bemnet" {her little boyfriend Bennett}. She is registered for next year, again for the same 2 days a week. We are going to have her speech assessed in September. We aren't concerned about her expressive or receptive speech, it's only the clarity as she talks a mile a minute and it isn't super clear to those who aren't around her a lot. I know she is only 3 but after all my years working in my field I am very strong believer of early intervention so even though I know she would only qualify for the 2 years of mild/moderate funding I want to access that early if needed.

She is registered for her first solo swimming lessons for 2 weeks every morning at the beginning of July. I think this will be really good for her.

Coloring skills are pretty great. She is starting to draw happy faces and our family which is pretty much the cutest thing ever. She knows a lot of letters and will print a D as long as I don't ask her to.

Gymnastics is one of her favorite things and she's a pretty good little gymnast.

She's wearing mainly 2T-3T clothes. She is growing out of 3T leggings in length so we are ready for capri and shorts season.

Ryder has 12 teeth. He also went to the dentist for the first time.

Ryder is still in size 3 Kirkland diapers and wears mainly 12-18 month clothes but I have transferred some of Delainey's 2T tees into Ryder's closet. And when it comes to shorts weather he will still fit into last summers 6 month ones!

He is SO chatty these days. He copies so much of what Delainey or we say and it's getting pretty clear. He has 20 + words that we understand within context.

He gives the best hugs, kisses and cuddles.

It's so fun watching them play together and really love on each other. As soon as Delainey is lying on the ground Ryder takes that to mean he should lay on top of her. Then the giggles starts. I love it. They are such a fun age together.

I obviously could go on and on about them and I am sure I am forgetting a thousand things but that's an update for now. They are pretty much the greatest and I can't believe I get to keep them. :)

{Delainey's 17-18 month update HERE - so fun to look back and see the similarities. They were the same weight but D only had 5 teeth! ha}