On a Monday... whoops. I forgot to post this. So anyways - Frock Box Friday coming right up!

Excited to share my latest Frock Box! Always an exciting day for me. Something to note about Frock Box - you can cancel or pause your subscription any time. So I have opted to pause it every other month. 

Item 1: Side Zip Sweater - Small - $59
Initially I thought for sure I would keep this and I really liked the jacket unzipped but zipped up it bunched funny on me and I thought maybe it cut me at funny spot and was a bit too short?! I don't know, I just didn't end up loving it on. I do love the style though.
Verdict: Returned.

Item 2: Fitted Mid Rise Textured Skinny Jeans in Charcoal - Size 5 - $59
I just didn't think these were anything special on me. They were a bit big in the waist and I just didn't think I would get a ton of use out of them. 
Verdict: Returned

Item 3: Daisy Mae Grocery Shopping Hoodie - Small - $59
I did like this hoodie. It was a cool mixture of colors, the buffalo plaid in the neckline with a bright purple. I liked the unique neck and the long sleeves with thumb cut outs. I just didn't love the fit on me. It was big in places but then quite tight around my hips. I really thought it was cool and unique piece though which I am always looking for!
Verdict: Returned

Item 4: Short Sleeve Cold Shoulder Top with ruffle sleeves - Small - $39
I love this top. I wish they sent it to me in the summer though!! But it was too pretty to send back and I did wear it on our date night on Saturday and loved it. It's so flowy and a pretty blush color. I wore it with my faux leather leggings but I also like it with these jeans and would be great in the summer with shorts too!
Verdict: It's mine. :)

Item 5: Lara Scuba Pencil Skirt - Small - $39
I love the print of this skirt and the style. I just felt it was a little too long on my short legs. Plus even when I was trying it on I couldn't find a top in my closet to go with it so I decided against it.
Verdict: Returned

There we have it! Not a terrible box at all, I liked all the items, just a few things that didn't fit me quite right. Frock box also has gift cards which would be a great gift idea! 
Want to try it out for yourself - click here {referral link!}

It's inevitable that the kids are going to grow up faster than I'd like them to. I already can't believe my first baby is 4 and my last is 2.
The above photo is one of my absolute favorites that Whit took during Ryder's newborn photos. Over the past 2 years I have tried recreating it on multiple occasions. It usually resulted in something similar to the photos I'll share at the bottom of this post, Ryder flipping on to his sister and pinning her down - both of them in hysterics. Don't get me wrong, I love these moments too but finally I was able to snag a few photos of them before the crazies hit. And my 'twinning loving' heart is so happy they were in their new matching jammies when it happened.

My heart.

Finn + Emma pajamas are easily my favorite pajamas they own. They have 2 other pairs that I've shared before (and both of them, the Totem Poles and the Tribal Stripes are on sale right now for $17) and was so excited to choose them another pair! If only they made them in my size. ;)

^tribal stripes
^ totem poles

This time around I chose the Fawn print. I love the neutral grey pants and the sweet fawns. Perfect for boys, girls and babies!

That's right, I couldn't pass up adding this adorable Fawn Footie outfit for my sweet niece who is due in 2 weeks! I went with 0-3 months and it comes with built in mittens that flip over so they can't scratch themselves. I loved this feature on little sleepers with my babies. My absolute favorite thing abut Finn + Emma jammies is the fabric. It's so buttery soft and washes up so well (I swear they get softer the more you wash them) so important for babies. Plus, I am probably overly excited to take some cousin photos of them in their matching fawns. Cuteness overload. 

The kids are wearing the Fawn Toddler Pajamas in a 4T and a 3T. The 4Ts still fit Delainey perfectly. I almost have to pack up Ryder's 18-24 month tribal ones but he still fits his 2T totem poles great. I just sized up so he'd get more wear out of them and since he's growing like a stink weed. My kids are long and lean and I love the fit of these pajamas on them.

Going, going...

Gone! Sibling love and fun.

But seriously. We love these pajamas. They are 100% organic cotton and they use only eco-friendly dyes.
I urge you to browse their website. They have an adorable clothing line with the sweetest prints, modern colors and many gender neutral options. They have wooden teething ears, rattle buddy toys, bibs, blankets, play mats, play gyms and way more!

Now - do you think I can recreate this photos every year until they move out?!! ;)

Disclaimer:All items c/o Finn + Emma but as always, all thoughts and reviews are 100% my own. 
Thank you again F+ E.
PS,Canadians are charged duty on these items now. 
Happy Tuesday! I was lucky enough to have a long weekend and thus a short work week this week - 1 day!
The kids had colds last week that are lingering a little, mainly when they lay down at night so hopefully we can say goodbye to those completely this week!

We had a couple chilly walks last week and most of the time the kids stayed hibernating in their stroller bubble. Delainey wearing a coat that was mine and being a goof.

Tuesday night Mom and I went to a Barre class that Crystal was teaching and had a great time and good butt burn!

Thursday we ventured out so Ryder and I could get our flu shots. Delainey already had hers when she has her 4 year shots. Ry didn't even cry, such a trooper. I kept Delainey home from swimming on Thursday because of her cough and she was not impressed!

Checking the front door for mail is always a joint effort now!

Found this when I crawled into bed after teaching Surf Thursday night! :)

Friday I was able to join Delainey for a speech session {thank you Mom & Dad for going with Ryder to gymnastics}. I told Delainey I wasn't sure she should stay for preschool and she burst into tears and told me I never let her do anything fun! ha I laughed at her pretty hard. 
Her teacher said she'd call me if she thought she needed to go home so from there I went to a meeting at Vivo - more about this to come but I am pretty excited about this collaboration. 

Then I was off to teach my first Friday Surf class {thanks Mom & Dad for having the kids}. I was lucky enough to have both friends {Thanks Delle} and family {Thanks J, Troy & Krink} come to class! There was mainly new surfers in class which is always fun. 

Saturday we took the kids to their very first movie in the theaters - Masha & the bear. On Saturdays at 11am at select Cineplex Theaters you can watch family favorite for $2.99 a person {kids 3 and under are free!} so for $9 we figured if they didn't last we could call it a win.
They were SO excited when the movie started and they saw the size of the screen. They also ate their weight in popcorn! Ryder was done after about 45 minutes and had fun playing with his chair, D did pretty darn good - they both surprised us since they've never sat through an entire movie before!

Debbie offered to come watch the kids so Justin and I were able to sneak out for dinner to The Keg downtown {thanks for the GC for me birthday Nana!} and had a great date night. And then we stayed up too late chatting with Debbie when we got home! ha

Sunday we ventured out to Canmore for a little hike. It was a beautiful day so we thought we'd take advantage before we get more snow and it gets too cold.

Sweatshirt: The Happiest Collection, Leggings: Mountain Moves

I am so glad we took both backpacks because there were some sketchy spots {where I thought we'd almost have to turn back!} but we made it safely.

We hiked to Grassi Lakes and it was so pretty at the top {we did the hard trail up and the easy trail down}. We will definitely have to go back in the summer. 

We got home in time for naps and then made home made pizza for dinner.