A girl can never have enough workout pants. Ever. I wear workout pants EVERY single day.
When I was contacted by Kristina from Kristina Benson Art about reviewing her products I was thrilled. I have been following her on Instagram for a while now and always thought what she did was so creative and beautiful. She turns her art pieces into wearable art!

Kristina is from Kamloops, British Columbia and is an artist, designer and creates each of her incredible pieces starting with a single brushstroke. Each design is unique, created from one of her original pieces of art and each piece has meaning and a whole lot of love behind it.
She completed her degree at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver.

Her pieces are 100% made in Canada. Not only are they designed and sewn in Canada, the fabric is milled in Canada too. The fabric is eco-friendly and some of the nicest fabric I have own in workout gear.

I chose these Night capris and these Bike leggings and I really have to say photos do not do them justice. They are so much prettier and brighter in real life!

Her website is very user friendly and it's really easy to see her designs as well as many of the art pieces they were inspired by.

The artwork on these bike leggings is from a photo Kristina took while traveling in Belize.
A yellow cruiser bike.

I'm wearing a small in both pairs and they fit me really well but check out the size chart here before ordering. The leggings and capris are 88% polyester and 12% spandex. They are made of compression fit performance wear {milled in Montreal} that will not lose shape and the beautiful colors will not fade.

I really like the length of the capris as they aren't too short or "flood pant" length which often happens being on the shorter side. 

They are perfect for workouts, hikes, surf classes and walks with the kids - they have been put to use!

The leggings aren't way too long either, there is a bit of nice ruching at the bottom.

I've been wearing these leggings for running errands with the kids a lot in the mornings too both pairs are really comfortable.

^ perfect tee from Smithery Style

You MUST check our her new additions! These NEW Become, Within,  Movement, Surrender, Attract and Secret Sky pieces are just beautiful and so unique! I want them all. ;)
She painted all these new black and white ones using a feather as a brush! I know, she's so creative!

She also makes Kimonos as well in 2 different sizes!

Best little part of this blog post...
You can use code OURLIFEANDTIMES to get 15% off your order! And it's FREE shipping to Canada and the US.

Check out Kristina's story here and be sure to check her out on Facebook and Instagram!

I received these 2 pieces as a but opinions are 100% my honest opinions. :) LOVE them.
Oh boy summer just seems to be rushing past us it's crazy. Thankfully we have had some nice sunny days lately though. Rewinding back...
On Monday Whit dropped the kids off so they could play here while she did some editing at Starbucks and then she joined us for lunch - and treated me to Starbucks.

The kids all had a blast and played so nicely together. Plus I got to spend time with them and Whit too!

That afternoon it was a hot one so we drove down to another pathway system by us that has some huge ponds for Cruz to swim in.

His favorite face. ;) And he climbs EVERYTHING.

Monday night Justin got home from Fernie so we had some excited kids right before bed!

Tuesday I dropped the kids off at Gramma Debbie's for a few hours while I went into work and took photos for them of the summer program. It was super fun to hangout with some of our students for a while.

 ^ Ryder is in a Swing Thing - it's a nifty contraption that stabilizes wee babes in the bucket swing. It works so well and is made in Vancouver, BC.

Getting so speedy on her bike! Makes our walks a lot quicker!

Delainey convinced me to let them pudding paint again. She asks to do this almost daily. Oh man do they love it!

Thursday we took a little road trip to Innisfail to check out the Discovery Wildlife Adventure Park with Lindsey and her girls.
 It's a really cool place. A very different experience than our Calgary zoo. It's all outdoors and very natural. We saw the tiger show which was really neat too!

Helping Ry see the bears.

Couple of crazy bears after we fed them lunch!

They were so cute together. Makes me wish we lived closer!

The kids napped on the way home so it was Cruz walk time upon arriving home.

Friday we took Cruz on another "adventure walk" Delainey calls them when we drive somewhere to go for a walk. She also decided she wanted to hop like a frog for most of the walk and was quite perturbed when I asked her to walk. Because she was a frog ya know and they don't walk.

Friday night we drove out to Elbow Falls for family photos with Whit. We were supposed to go Wednesday night but the weather wasn't the best and I am so glad we waited. It was a beautiful night and seriously the kids and Justin were awesome. They made me so happy! ha I knew Whit would get amazing images regardless but they were trooper. Cruz is just a natural so I never worry about her. 
And seriously - Whit is incredible. 2 kids plus I will always include Cruz and she still gets photos like THIS:

She posted a few sneak peeks on Facebook for us and I cannot love them more. I am so thankful for them and her. We had a quick picnic afterwards and the kids crashed on the way home and were able to put to bed quite easily when we got home.

 Saturday Justin and Cruz headed out to Bragg Creek for a ride. Cruz was one tired dog afterwards!

Delainey and Just spent more time working on WALL-E.

Jeff and Jolie came over for dinner after being away for 2 weeks on their honeymoon to London & Ireland. We were all super excited to see them and hear about their trip.
 We watched the last Tragically Hip concert on TV along with the rest of Canada I think.

Sunday morning we headed out to hike the Douglas Fir Trail. It's such a fun hike {so many stairs} and most of it is fixed after the floods.

Throwing rocks to cool Cruz down afterwards!

Ryder fell asleep and was so cute all tucked in!

After lunch Delainey and Justin finished WALL-E!!! She is so excited about him - maybe as much as Justin. ;) That's a strong maybe.

After nap popsicles are always a hit!

Rolling down the hill and forward rolls until dinner!

And then hammock time. Have I mentioned how much I love my hammock. I even let Justin join me. ;)