We had a good week and an even better weekend. Monday Delainey had preschool {continues to love it} and Ryder and I took Cruz to the vet. Our previous vet moved to the Emergency Hospital so we had a new vet and Cruz seemed to like him although was her typical nervous self.
He told us that she's one of the fittest labs he's seen in a long time especially for 7. But we need to continue to work on brushing her teeth. She hates it.
After naps Nana came over to join us for our afternoon walk.

We lucked out and it was a beautiful afternoon.

Tuesday we ran to the mall as I needed to pick up a few things and it was a rainy day. 
Donut break after not having much luck finding anything. I've been looking for a simple shirt for D with a cupcake on it for her party and do you think I can find anything with a cupcake on it?!  I get these ideas of what I NEED in my head... :)

Wednesday we did some birthday party prep and a few errands. 

Kitty cat joined us for our walk. That didn't slow us down at all!! ;) ha

Thursday we went over to Nicole's beautiful new house and had a play date with Audrey & Leo along with Brie {Sully} and Jen {Wes}. The kids all had fun and us Moms even had a chance to chat!

After our very wet walk Delainey insisted on riding her bike.

Walking laps.

Thursday night I went to Surf at 5:30 before Justin met up with the guys at the watering hole. It was the best class I've been to in a while. I was so sweaty and sore for days.

Friday was preschool again so Ryder and I got groceries and picked up a few birthday items since Delainey wasn't with us.

Friday was also my birthday so I picked up my free birthday Starbucks drink!

It was such an incredible afternoon that we spent time at the park, did an extra long walk and then hung out in the backyard until Justin came home to make us dinner. :)

Justin made us a delicious rib dinner and we hung out watching the Chicago shows that are back!

Saturday we took a family trip to Home Depot, did things around the house and prepped for a few things happening this week.

That night Debbie came over to have dinner with the kids so we could go out for my birthday. Justin took me to La Brezza for dinner which was a really cute spot {old house turned into a restaurant} and the food was great. The manager came over to our table and said "Carrie Underwood in the house" so obviously he's one of my new favorite people. ;) ha if only.

From there we stopped at the watering hole for another drink and mud pie of course. They hooked us up with a piece as big as my head.

 ^ romper from Frock Box

When we got home in time to put Delainey to bed {a bit late} and then we started watching the movie Neighbor's.

Sunday Justin went riding with Brian and tackled this crazy wall. This photo does not do it justice. It's steep as heck.

We stayed home and did lots of playing, a few birthday party things {I hung a few photo banners already - birthday WEEK for Miss D!} and she was SO excited to see them. It was the cutest.
Justin got home in time to nap with the kids and then we went for a walk when they were all up.

  Her top is c/o The Lucky Pineapple and mine is Live Love North
Perfect afternoon for twirling in the sunshine!

Then we headed over to Leigh & Brian's for turkey dinner. It was delicious. Leigh's Mom is in town and made us {& Brian's Mom} a feast. Ryder tucked away so much turkey and stuffing!
The kids had lots of fun playing too! Thanks again for the invite guys.

We finished watching Neighbor's after the kids were in bed and then I was asleep before my head hit the pillow almost.
Not much to report on over here. So I thought I would share some random things.

I have been loving this Beautycounter Charcoal Bar for a few months now

My friend Sara started selling this line so I bought this bar and the Baby All-Over Body Wash for the kids. The wash is super gentle and good for hair and skin. 
This charcoal bar though - I actually look forward to washing my face every day. It leaves it feeling so squeeky clean and not dry at all. My face loves it too.

I have been plugging though Country Heat and finishing up Insanity Max:30. I have been super unmotivated to workout lately. I mean I have been doing my workouts and I really enjoy them when I am doing them I just struggle to get excited to go down there. Thank god for Delainey who tells me it's time to workout.
I will finish up these two programs {both are awesome workouts btw} in about 10 days and then I am not sure I want to jump in to a brand new Beachbody program that is set to release or get back to Focus T25 Gamma again seeing as I just love it. To be honest - I just want to go to SurfSet classes every day. I am obsessed. I always leave them feeling so good. Thankfully I think I will be getting to a few more classes a week here soon {hopefully}. 

Just like everyone else in the world I am sure  - I just don't have enough hours in the day. - or maybe energy.
I am embarrassed to say that I still have things on my to do list that were on it when I was pregnant. Like my pregnancy photobook for Ryder. Cleaning the blinds. Cleaning the baseboards. I swore I would work on Ryder's 1st year photobook each month. I didn't read one {adult} book this summer. My house was never ever as clean as I wanted it to be. I didn't comment on even my friends blogs as much as I would like to. yada yada.
But it's ok those things will all get done. I chose to spend my time doing what was important to me at the time or vegging on the couch with Justin after busy days instead of the tackling that list - I am so unproductive after 7:30pm.

I am having fun working on stuff for Delainey's birthday party and trying to get a few things done for Ryder's too since I know those few weeks of being back at work will be busy before his big day. Delainey has been having just as much fun helping me which makes it that much better. And messier.

I can hardly believe this girl will be 3 in 2 weeks. 
This was 1 year ago!

It definitely feels like fall today but I am clinging on to the last bits of summer we are experiencing as I know everyone in this household will miss our time spent in the sunny backyard and our long leisurely {meaning toddler doddler} ravine walks. But I won't lie, I am excited for a few of my favorite things about fall. The pretty leaves, colors & smells, warm drinks and crock-pot soups.

And of course fall fashion. I feel like I kind of missed dressing for fall last year as I was incredibly pregnant and then at home with a wee babe and in that awkward I just had a baby stage. So I am ready to pull out all my cozy cardigans, scarves and boots. Western Bliss is a local online shop that is all stocked up for fall and has everything you need to take that leap from summer outfits into fall fashion {& she just might have some great deals on her super cute summer pieces too}!

I shared this shop back in December with my beloved Love Like Crazy Sweater so I was totally on board when Michelle reached out to see if I wanted to team up again.
{PS. She still has this sweater in stock and it's a one of my favorite sweaters!}

I stepped a little out of my typical fall accessory with this floppy hat she added to the shop.

I wore it {Tan Wool Hat} on date night this summer and I am excited to pair it this fall with my blanket scarves, a long sweater, leggings and boots.

It's light weight, a perfect neutral color so it goes with everything - plus it's the perfect hat to throw on to mask that day old hair. There is a similar one in grey.

 Thank you hubby for the above photos! ;)

This Make It Look Easy Cardigan is a great fall sweater as it's light and great for those days that have a bit of a chill in the air. I wore it with jeans, a tank and booties but I think it would be really cute with leggings and tall boots and of course a chunky scarf.


{I'm wearing the small/medium}

^ tank and Ryder's tee are from The Lucky Pineapple

I am in LOVE with this All I Need Is Lace Sweater and if you are looking for the perfect fall scarf she has the best selection of big blanket scarves - like this green plaid or white plaid one I am eyeing!

Use code OURLIFEANDTIMES20 for 20% off your order until the 24th!

You can also book a home shopping party through Michelle too - who doesn't love shopping with friends in the comfort of your own home {add wine} and earn from free clothes!

Thank you Delle from T07 Photography Inc for the market play date and these sweater photos.
And thank you Western Bliss for the hat and sweater!